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Friday, 5 April 2013

[ ..here's cat.. ]

There was a time when I feel like writing about the things that happens in my daily life. Or write about how I feel about things. Write about things that I hide from my daily life.

I should just let things flow naturally. I don't need to explain things to anyone. I don't even need to explain things to myself, in which she explained that that's what my writing intends to anyway.

To be quiet. Savour the quiet moments in life. Listen to music that makes you happy. Don't speak unless spoken to. Do things that will only bring you peace and quiet.

Look at things that will make you smile. Don't let other people's words agitate you. Read more books.

Cat's going back to vet almost broke me down, but with a little slow steps and clear thinking, I manage to pull myself together and not have another nervous breakdown.

But everything's fine. Everything's alright. Everything's wonderful.

If I ever feel like locking myself in the washroom and cry for an hour again, I'll just look at a picture of my cat.

Whether life's good or bad, there's no need waste time to explain and record. Just enjoy it as it goes. Life's too short.

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