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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

[ ..gold fish.. ]

 C'est moi.

Nowadays, I find pleasure in the comfort of my friends. I'm glad they start to understand me a little more now.

I love talking to them. Looking at them smiling and laughing together. Sharing stories of our lives. Giving advices to each other. 

I'm glad that I found this job. I'm glad that this job found me. 

Through this, I'd met a lot of people and am really glad to be able to call some of them friends. I love them to bits. 

They are the sisters I wanted in my life. 

I'm hitting a brick wall now and they are all helping me to figure out how to go through it. They offer the comfort that I wanted for long. 

I'm glad that I found them. I'm glad that they found me. 

Today, I found myself not being able to answer to the question of 'who am I?' again. Sometimes, I realised that I was way too eager to grow up, just like all those years ago when I was a child who couldn't wait to be a teenager. A teenager who couldn't wait to be a young adult. And now, a young adult who couldn't wait to be an adult. 

I'm just 23 years and seven months old. 

It doesn't help that I'd been working in the adult world for the past three years and five months. I'd been in an adult world that long. It's only natural that I want to be taken seriously. 

The thing about me is that, I never really belong to anywhere. I'd been an oddball ever since I can remember.

As I continue my journey in life to find somewhere that I can belong to, I find it more difficult to be content with the place I'm currently at. 

The worse is, I keep finding fault of everything around me. It's frustrating.

Anyway...  I'm trying hard. I'm trying my best. I'm trying with all my might that I don't fall into another bouts of slacking depression and self-pity. 

I'm doing good, don't worry. I just need to clear my head a little more. I just need to understand what I really want in my life. And try my best to realise it. 

I'm only 23 years and seven months young. Even though I have no idea if I'll still be breathing tomorrow, I will never give up in making life a better place for all. 

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