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Friday, 25 January 2013

[ ..screams.. ]


THERE. I said it! I want to scream it out loud! But I can't! I can't I can't I can't!!!

Nobody will listen to it without telling me to get over it and move on.

Yeah, I'm moving on. BUT fuck it, I MISS JAPAN.

I miss strolling along the main road in Kinschicho! I miss walking to the 7-11 and Lawson nightly!

I miss that place like crazy. I miss the freedom.

I think just miss the freedom of being alone. Not having to report to anyone every single day!

I fucking miss Japan.

I miss Tokyo terribly.

It's not that easy for me to just forget about those two weeks of bliss and get on with my pathetic life.

Fuck. I'm sad as hell. I wanted to tell everyone how much I miss the place.

But every single time I open my mouth, all these people think is that I'm boasting.

I'm tired to having to explain myself.

I'm not boasting. I just want to share my love to Japan to others but nobody would listen.

I miss Japan like crazy. I couldn't even look at the photos I took without feeling like shit.

I'm just really really melancholic right now.

Two weeks I was there and nobody is curious how I spent it.

I feel lonelier than ever since I came back.

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