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Monday, 7 January 2013

[ ..唯今.. ]

I had an amazing two weeks holiday in Japan. I had lotsa fun.

I'm still tired now. Wish I have to energy to recount what did I do in those two weeks but it doesn't really matter, does it? Nobody ever reads this blog hahah.

What I really learned this time is that, no words and no amount of photos can depict what you seen, heard and feel when you travel.

I saw so many nice views but photos can't convey how beautiful and emotional it was when I was looking at it at that moment. Not even words can describe how it feels.

 I took very few photos this time because I want to truly enjoy what's in front of me at that moment. I did not regret one bit of that decision. It was a splendid time spent  without looking through the camera all the time.

With that, I am grateful.

On the side, cat's problem got worse and when I was in Tokyo, he went through the operation. I know it sounds terrible that I say this but, I'm glad that I wasn't here because I would be in so much distress that I wouldn't be able to concentrate at work.

He's much better now but he needs to stay at the vet til the wound heals up. I hope he can come home soon because I miss cuddling him every morning and hearing him purr.

Alright. That's pretty much it for now. Maybe I'll update soon. Maybe I'll update later.

I'm not doing New Year resolutions review or any new resolutions anymore. I don't think there's a need to that. I fail most of them every year anyway.

This year, I'll just try my best to eat healthy, work hard and be a better person. Be kind to everyone and be generous. That's all.

Everything is going to be great and life's good. It's going to be a wonderful year and I just know it! :D

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