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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

[ ..the weather is my bestfriend.. ]

Pretty photo to start the post. Though, a friend commented that it's such a lonely photo... ;__; It is...

Hmm... kind of no point to apologise for not updating the blog for a long time because nobody really reads the blog. Heh.


 I've GOT MY VISAAARGGHH!!! This time I'm really going for 15 days! Okay lah, 14 days, but STILL. Heh. It's my third visa in 18 months. huhuhhuhuh so much hassle to go through the embassy every time, but it's all worth it!

Then, I went to my savings account, took out some Tuanku Abdul Rahman and change them to Fukuzawa Yukichi. I was really bored so I gave him a monocle and 'stache on my phone app. Btw, fifty Tuanku Abdul Rahman =  eight Fukuzawa Yukichi. =_=

I was really busy lately and couldn't wait to get out of November coz that month was terrible! Severely lack of cash due to my excessive shopping at uniqlo and also because I subconsciously paid RM140 for parking and toll! Fml! 

I'm still very busy now because one of my colleague took two weeks off (it will get back to her when I'm leaving for Japan hahaah) and I think another took a week off or something coz I didn't see her for a while. I'm happy though coz I realised I'm more productive at work when both of them are not here. 

Apparently there is a treasure hunt coming up and I'm itching to join but I will have to pay RM70 to join! I'm dying here coz I'm trying to save as much as I can so I won't be broke when I come back in January! I'll see how it goes. 

Took this photo at the vet office and watercolour-filtered in on my phone. Awesome. 

I'm currently down with a flu and sorethroat. I'm counting my blessings because I don't have a fever. But my voice is semi-gone. It was completely gone two days ago, now it's much better thanks to the ginseng concoction mom boiled for me. 

I have a couple of articles to write and I hope it will stay this way and I won't have too much workload in pending so I can go to Japan in peace. I just want to completely cut off from work when I'm there. Hey, at least for two weeks, let me feel like I'm not working lah, can or not! 

I'm just so grateful and happy that I'm able to do what I like with a supportive boss who will let me get out of country for two weeks. I'm grateful and happy that I am financially stable and be able to take so many holiday trips in one year. 

Japan twice in a year is quite ridiculous but I just need some time alone this time around and be happy with the place without explaining the culture to ignorant people. Besides, there are also a lot to learn in Japan for me.  

I just want to be in the place where everyone is genuinely nice to people. Sigh. I hate my country. Especially the customer service. 

Anyway, don't wanna rant too much now. I have to finish up some work now. If you are actually reading, thankiu. 

Oh, in case you don't know how I look like now...

Like this, but less pretty coz this is edited. Yargh.

I'm so happy that it's DECEMBER ALREADYY!!!

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