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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

[ ..cat in the hospital.. ]

 It's a mother's nightmare. Err, a pet owner's nightmare. When your pets have UTI problems. In my case, my cat has FLUTD. 

It was my fault, really. I didn't take good care of him. I didn't give him the best. I'd like to think that I did but I didn't. It's a long story and it hurts me so much that I was the culprit that he is in so much pain now. It's all my fault for taking money more importantly than the life of my most loved one. I hope it's not too late to realise that now.

This was him this afternoon after his operation. He's still under anesthesia and he'll be on drips for three to four days. He looks petrified, doesn't he? :)

 He's going to be in the vet clinic for three to four days now. I don't care how much this is going to cost me. All I want is him back at home and healthy by next Monday. 

He doesn't deserve all this. He's just a cat. And I neglected his health for so long. I deserved to be hurt right now. 

Last night was terrible. He grunted and growled in pain for the whole night. I couldn't do anything but to listen to it and cried myself to sleep. Both of us didn't sleep much last night. 

I just want him back. Healthy and alright. I want him to wait for me every evening when I come home from work. I want him to be tsundere at me. I want him to meow for my attention every night. I want him back. 

Please, let him be alright. Let him be healthy. Let him be back in my life soon. 

I'll do anything to have him back in one piece. I'll give my everything away for him. 

Please, be alright. My love.

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