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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

[ ..so far.. ]

If you know me long enough, you'll know that my womb is not exactly normal. My aunt flo do not come and see me every single month.

I think I missed her for the past three months. And I'm in horrific pain now. I just can't wait to see her so I can get her over with. Damn.

Like some girls, I bloat whenever aunt flo is coming. I bloat like hell. My face got an inch thicker. My boobs  are in pain 24/7. I can't lay face down when I sleep at night. And laying face down is one of my favourite sleeping pose. Dammit.

Bloat. Not only my face bloat. My entire body bloats like shit. My waist got even thicker than usual. My butt makes me feel like I'm sitting on water balloon all the time. And I hunch like an old woman coz my boobs are in pain. Damnation.

Man, aunt flo. Just please come already. It's not just bloating and boobs pain. My intestines are filled with air and I have to release all this friggin air twenty times a minute. And worst is when my intestines tried to commit suicide by tying the noose knot with themselves. Damnyoustupidorgans.

For most of the time, I enjoy the fact that my womb is not normal. But right now, I just can't wait to see aunt flo.

Man, just come and bring all these pain away.

Today, I just want to be a man and enjoy my morning wood.

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