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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

[ ..坂東玉三郎.. ]

It's slow. November is so slow. I got frustrated. I became slow myself. It's bad. Nothing fun and nice happened in this month at all. I kept spending money like I'm a millionaire. It's no good.

Nothing fun until... I found 坂東玉三郎. Bando Tamasaburo V. Oh my gourd. Where do I start. Maybe I shouldn't start.

He's a Kabuki actor who is mostly an Onnagata, a female role specialist. I'd never seen anyone so graceful before. I wish I could be him. Gourd. He'd just received the prestigious title of Living National Treasure in Japan. Yarh.

Anyway, after consecutive two weeks of stalking all his performance available on Youtube, I can tell you that this man, is my idol. I can't believe this shit. I never thought that I would have any interest in Kabuki. Until Tamasaburo-sama.


I dunno. I mean, look at him.

 This is a man.

 This is a man.

 This is a man.

 This is a man.

I'm serious.

 And this scene in Sakurahime is OMFGBBQ. My brain goes 'This is a woman' but I KNOW this is a man. DAFUQ.

I know. Photos probably doesn't show how frickin' feminine he is. I could give you a video but they are all so good I dunno which one to show you wtf. 

Anyway... Since I was so obsessed. I tried to find out if he's performing when I'm in Tokyo during year end. And guess WAT.

 I almost died when I found this. His own production of Izumi Kyouka's Nihonbashi. I struck gold. Then I saw the 15-second trailer, my heart stopped and I told myself that I NEED to see this shit. 

SO, I went to my favourite website in the world and talked to one of the community members, asking if she could get me a ticket there. And found out that she would like to see Tamasaburo too. So, yeah...

SHE MANAGED TO GET THE TICKETS OMFG. AND FROM LAWSON, MY FAVOURITE KONBINI TOO. Just stab me and revive me again on Dec 22 please. wtf 

7000yen though. Ah. Who cares. I'm going to watch a national living treasure. I would have gotten the 13000yen ticket if my new pal said 'yes lets do that'.

Seriously, I can't believe it. This is... Oh my gourdah. I'm going to watch Bando Tamasaburo V in his own friggin production. What is air.

I think there won't be much dancing in this performance as it's not really Kabuki but more of a shimpa play. Man, I'd die to see him dance. I hope he does.

Now, I feel like I have reason to live again. Ah... Oh yeah, I also went to for Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy Orchestra last weekend. 25th anniversary yo! Oh man, it was great. BUT they didn't play Fisherman's Horizon. I wanted to kill Arnie Roth that day. Serious. Ok, not serious.

Whoa. Orchestra in November, Tamasaburo in December. I suddenly became so cultured wtf. No lah, I'm still the stupid judgmental bitch inside. Don't worry, very difficult to take that away from me.

Anywayssss, yeah. That's all I want to say. I'm obsessed with a man acting as a woman on stage. I guess that came out not that bad, right? RIGHT?

Also, Tamasaburo-sama is 62 this year. Fantabulous.

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