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Sunday, 11 November 2012

[ ..わたしのへやです.. ]

It has been long since I posted any new photos here. So, today I shall let you look at some of the stuff in my room that I enjoy.

I tried to make my room as comfortable as possible. That includes having things that I love to look at be my surrounding.

Lets start with my favourite place, the books shelf. I love reading. I love collecting books.

It's not the biggest book collection shelf ever but I'm satisfied with it. I will have a bigger one with more books in the future. This is a good start. Not forgetting to mention that I still have a lot of books in my hometown room. 

 On top of the shelf, it's decorated with tumblers I bought from places that I'd visited. Not Sydney though hehe. Not yet. From left to right it's Kyoto, Seoul, Sydney and Japan. I have a Beijing one but the design is very plain so I hid it behind these.

 On the first shelf are literature books and classics. I love the Shirley Lim collection. These are basically my favourite books here. Koala-chan is from a friend who went to Melbourne. And the furry nekomimi hat is from H&M.

 Second shelf is filled with books from Japanese authors. I'm a fan of Ishiguro but I only have his two books. I will try to find his other works. Penguin-sama is a gift from Singapore Zoo when I went there last year.

Third shelf is filled with cookbooks and whatnots. I covered them with Yasmin How You Know and cat notebooks I bought from here and there. I have more actually hehe. 

Fourth shelf are filled with CDs and DVDs of Ayu-chan and Bjork. Also, a box set of FFVIII soundtrack. I have more Ayu's stuff in my hometown room. Yeah....

 I put out my luggage bag too so I can look at it everyday. It's just very pretty to look at. =D and that's my luggage tag that I decorated last night.

 Cat gets the window seat coz he loves looking at birds.

My shrine!!! I need a better chair though... ;_; 

 My travel moodboard rests dangerously on top of my thin monitor.

 Memorabilia from here and there.

 My room door greets you with Rainbow papercranes folded by the queenofmushroom!

 My least favourite place in the room. Man, this place is filled with dust and my long hair. It's disgusting. And it's suppose to be the cleanest place!

Due to the lack of space in the apartment, I have to put my shoe shelf on top of my cupboard. yeah Disgusting. But I do clean my shoes before I put them up after wearing them out. And it doesn't stink surprisingly. I think it's because I put that deodorant thingy beside it. =D 

Well, that's all for today. My room is filled with mismatching colours and lack of designs but I feel damn comfortable in this place. It's just very me. But in term of the colour of the furniture, I'm not a big fan of dark wood colour. I like white more. But since I get them all by hand-me-downs, I shouldn't complain, I guess. ^^ 

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