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Monday, 8 October 2012

[ ..ひとりだけ.. ]

You know, sometimes I feel great being invisible. I can slip through any place without being noticed. Especially in the office.

It's kind of an achievement. I go to the office everyday yet sometimes when I happen to meet some co-workers in the lift, they will ask me "Where have you been?" "Haven't seen you in a while!".

My work space is very strategic. It's practically hidden at a corner of the entire floor. That's exactly what I wanted because before we moved, my work space was very exposed to everyone in the whole floor. Everyone can see what's on my monitor and what I'm doing. It's wasn't very comfortable.

Now, it's a haven to me. Tucked right at the corner. Unknown to anyone else except for the people from my own department. It's great.

I thought I was alright being invisible.

Until one day I got a comment from a co-worker. A very nice older man who liked chatting up with people in the pantry.

"You!" he alerted me.

"Hey! How are you?"

"You change your styles so often, I could hardly catch up!" He exclaimed. I was stunned by that statement. Nervously, I laughed.

"My contact lens torn apart last night and I had to wear this thick frames today. It looks weird with dresses so, I had to wear something tomboyish!" I responded.

I forgot how the conversation ended because as soon as he walked away, I went into the washroom and silently wept. Dramatic, I know.

I don't know what came to me, but I suddenly had an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

An overwhelming feeling of happiness that someone... someone noticed me. 

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