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Monday, 27 August 2012

[ ..pixlr-o-matic.. ]

I think the last time I ever touched my camera was some months ago. I have no idea why but I just don't feel like taking photos anymore. After all that travel photos that I had to edit (colour, brightness, etc), I felt so sick of photography that I really think I need to stay away from it for a while. Just like travelling to me right now. 

I don't really use my tablet's camera either. It's quite a decent camera for a tablet. You just need to find the lighting. But I'm a noob at photo filtering in tablets. Until I find this particular one. And suddenly, I love taking photos again. Well, at least at useless things. 

But still, I just like to filter my photos to make it look nicer. I don't go as far as adding colourful bokehs into my photos when I took the photo in the middle of the afternoon. wtf 

In fact, the only time I added colourful bokehs is when I want to add them in a bokeh photo I took of the Cosmo Clock 21. That made it so much more natural and lively. It's great. 

I tried not to use too much light leak too because I use toy cameras and I somehow feel incredibly pretentious to have light leaks in digital photos. dafark.

But this was the only exception.

It's not exactly a light-leak filter. It's some chemical burn filter or something wtf. I never used it and kinda regretted downloaded the package. But then, when I was trying out with this photo I took of myself last night... It just fits in so well. Hahah what I really loved most was that the greenish light covered half my face, while the red intensifies my stare. 

Oh ya, my new found hobby is to take creepy and non-expressive photos of myself and try to make it creepier with app filters. Yah, I'm really that bored. I should be studying my Japanese but no, I make creepy photos. 

I may just start taking one photo every Saturday. If so, I'll just show you the first creepy photo I took of myself with the tablet. 

I don't really know why was this creepy. It's just a nonchalant expression really. Maybe it's the black-and-white? The yurei hair? I dunno. But my fb friends said it's scary. I suggested that it's a shock-therapy for them.

If I'm really going to take a photo of myself each Saturday and turn it into a creepy pix with app filters, I shall call this project: Project Creep. Nah, I ain't got no imagination. That's why my orange teddy is called Orange and my tablet is called Tabo.

Anyway, I should go to sleep now. Gotta work for the moneh tomorrow. Happy Monday yo.

If you want to know what's the name of this app filter, it's the title of this post.

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