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Monday, 2 July 2012

[ ..the valley of empty thoughts and dreams.. ]

Another month has passed. Can you believe it?

The first half of 2012 was pretty erratic to me. There were so many things happening at once that I can barely catch up with them.

I think it first started in March. Early March, my boss told me that he is sending me to Disneyland Hong Kong to cover a travel story. I was ecstatic. Until, he told me that it cannot be done due to some asshole in my company. So, no Disneyland Hong Kong for me. But it's alright, really, because I'm not huge on Disneyland. I'm just huge in adding more stamps in my passport.

But it was made up with a trip to Seoul, South Korea in late March. Although I spent quite an amount of money on that one but I'm still a lucky chap as I don't have to pay for accommodation or even food during my time there.

i love chonggyecheon

Then, there came the scheduled family trip to Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan in April that I'd planned since October last year. The travel dates between Seoul and Japan were so near that my wallet and savings account almost died. But all is well because I am a fucking awesome saver.

Family trip to Japan turned out to be quite a disaster because it is simply incredibly difficult to bring ignorant people to a land they do not know. But, all in all, I saw, touched and smell sakura for the first time in my life, that has to be something, right?

plum blossom is awesome.

Then, when I thought I can finally rest from those dreadful 7-hour flights in the month of May, there come a shock from my boss on a Monday evening. I was to fly to Beijing, China on the Thursday of the same week. And to Beijing, I went.

I truly loved the great wall.

In June, I had quite a lot of fun indeed. On the eve of my cakeday, I met Danny Choo and Kalafina. That was beyond amazing. Then, on cakeday I saw Kalafina live. Mind you, I am not a huge fan, I don't know most of their songs but listening to them live is always a privilege. It was definitely the most memorable cakeday so far. We'll see how it goes next year okay?

Next, of course you knew that I flew to Bangkok. I planned this trip since last year. And although there were some annoyance and difficulties in understand the travel partner, I had fun seeing sights of Bangkok that I'd never seen before.

In between all these seemingly fun and exciting travel experiences that I had throughout these past six months, I also have a fair amount of disappointments, angst, confusions etc that plagued my daily life.

I'd moved back to mom's place for good and I truly wish this blissful time will last forever. Therefore I hope my brother shall never return from NZ anytime soon. Because I realised I can never live with him due to his selfish acts and demeaning scowls at my cat.

For the past six months, I'd travelled to Kuching, Sarawak, and four other Asian countries. From these five travel experiences, I learn a lot of culture and lives of other people.

I'd been blessed with the good experiences as well as the bad experiences in the past six months. My eyes are truly widen by all these fortunes in my life. For that, I thank myself for being an independent adult who paved ways for herself.

Yes, I know. You'd think I'll be thanking god or the universe. But truly, if it wasn't my own hard work from these two years, I wouldn't be here. Also, my own bloody money. And my awesome decisions in buying all those flight tickets.

But then, I am also going to thank my lady luck, whom the only invisible thing I believe in my life. along with the supernaturals. Lady luck had been swell to me. Sometimes, she'll give me shit. But I do appreciate the little times when she decided to be nice to me.

Really, when I think about it. All these flights to every where started when I bought my first luggage bag. They say if you buy yourself a luggage bag or tag, it will bring you to everywhere. Well, the superstitious side of me truly believe in this. But the logical side in me call bullshit.

Well, that's really just up to you. If you believe that you can fly, you can fly - despite how cheesy it sounds.

All in all, I truly enjoyed the first half of 2012. I only hope for a little peace for the latter half of the year. No more spending invisible cash. No more leaving the country until December, that is. For now, I only want peace and quiet til the year ends with a bang.

Enjoy the rest of the year, folks! Hope you will have as much fun as I will.

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