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Saturday, 30 June 2012

[ ..the hands.. ]

When I went to Wat Pho and Wat Arun in Bangkok last week, I felt immense peace and lighthearted despite the terribly hot weather.

While being burned by the heat on that Thursday, I found that being surrounded by Buddha statues everywhere I walked in the two wats do not make me feel repulse towards that religion at all.

Mind you, I am a Chinese but I grew up a Taoist and although very superstitious, I'm not very religious at all. In fact, I had become  a free thinker or more specifically, a spiritual agnostic for the past five years or so.

There are the good and the bad of religions of all kinds. Unfortunately I often see how bad comes with religions than the good. The whole idea of religion of any kind, just seem too ridiculous for me. I'm far too logical and cynical. It's difficult for me to believe that everything is going to be alright as long as you pray to god.

I don't care if you are black, white, red, or blue. I don't care if you believe in an invisible man, deities, statues and books. Being a selfish person as I am, if you do me no harm or try to convert me into your religion, I'll say good for you for believing in something, regardless they really do exist or not.

But back to Wat Po. When I walked around at that place, I feel so peaceful although I was especially annoyed at the people that I traveled with just minutes before.

Then as I looked around at those golden statues of Buddha, the more intrigued I felt. Chantings can be heard from blocks away and they sound ever so peaceful.

You know, I'd been to churches. I live in a country of Islam. I'd been in Taoist parades. I'd seen Hindu prayers.

But none of those, makes me feel so blissful as it was in Wat Pho.

While some religions plagued wars over the centuries, here's Buddhism with a teaching of peace. Every single Buddha statues show their palms to their visitors. It's certainly not 'talk-to-my-hand' sign. It's nothing negative but simply means stop fighting/wars.

But of course, I'd been to Buddhist classes during my national service years that made me feel so repulsive towards it. It irks me how they remind me of those Christian churches I went to.

But no, really. When it comes to the real thing, it's just so peaceful. I kind of love it, really. Being there.

Buddhism doesn't instill fear in your daily life. There is no 'if you do/don't do this, you are going to hell'. There isn't repentance or punishments of any kinds in Buddhism. Isn't that just nice?

You see, religions can do you harm but nothing make religions more harmful than human beings.

The people behind the religions that makes things bad not the religion itself. But if you keep thy god to thyself, don't you think that everything will be perfect? 

 I love how the other hand is always rested in such a limber position too! 

But you see, if you ask me to choose a religion now, I'll still go back to Taoism although I dislike the parades and the way-too-many supersitions. I will choose it because it's still the most comfortable religion to me and most of all, I never have to pay any 'member fees' being a Taoist.

However, as of now, at my tender young age (cough cough), I'll prefer to stay agnostic about religions. It's just better that way, I guess.

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