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Friday, 1 June 2012

[ ..good night, marilyn.. ]

There was this time when someone asked me, what's with my obsession with Marilyn Monroe. That time I really do not know how to answer her. I just said the typical stuff, 'she's beautiful' 'she is the epitome of a real woman' etc. Well, I'm a superficial being after all.

It's not until recent years when I found out that, it wasn't her beauty or her confidence in sexuality that attracted me.

It's really her vulnerability and wholly misunderstood character that attracted me.

And of course, her tragedy.

I have no idea why but tragic characters appeals to me more than anything else.

In this case, Marilyn, I may not be you, but I feel you. How people turn you down before you were given a chance to prove yourself. How people judge you before they speak to you. How people bully you into thinking that you are worthless and not as good as others.

Beneath the happy grin, we can all see a hurt soul, the sad Norma Jean in you.

Gee golly, I truly wish that you are still around enjoying life! You deserve so much better than jealous men and women in your life!

There's more to Marilyn than just a pretty face on the big screen. We often forget that actors are human too. And in those days, they really forgot that Marilyn was flesh and blood too. And continued to hurt her deeper and deeper. Intentionally, thinking that it will instill discipline in her.

Good lord.

I wish I can see your happy grin now, with all those lines and wrinkles on your face and beautiful bouffant platinum white hair. Talking about all those years ago and giving advices to the young ones.

You would be such a beautiful and wise yet incredibly cool grandmother with so much fun stories to tell. Screw Betty White! Granny Marilyn Monroe would be so much more fun!

Anyway, it's your 86th birthday, my dear. It's ending in 5 minutes from my side of the world.

Here, I wish you happy birthday once more and good night, darling. I wish you know how much you mean to us.

Happy Birthday and Good night, Marilyn.

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