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Thursday, 7 June 2012

[ ..22 things I did when I was 22.. ]

Hey hey, it's that time of the year again. I'm turning 23 soon and leaving my double 2s behind now. So, here's a list of 22 things I did when I was 22. Well, just for the sake of showing off, I guess. trololol Sigh, I don't get to show off a lot lah okay. Anyway, it's not necessary that the things below are achievements!

Aiya, less crap talk, lets start now.

1] I got a new phone. It's name is Nanami.

I have a tendency to name things that I own.

2] Attended the Rainforest World Music fest in Kuching and it was great!

Yes, I was erm, fatter.

3] Went to Japan!!! T_T


Yes, I lost some weight. 

4] I went Cycling in Kyoto omfggggggosh <3

I would LOVE to do this again and again and again!


I am a tourist after all...

 6] Joined my third treasure hunt with colleagues! <3

We didn't win but I'm addicted to treasure hunt!

 7] MET Lau Ching Wan <3

Super humble and nice man! Very funny too!

8] Had the worst ghostly encounter ever at the hills above.

The only photo I took that night in which stayed awake the whole friggin night.

9] Went to Kuching again for a short trip!


10] Went to Seoul, South Korea! <3

And it was fucking cold!

11] Went rock skipping at Cheonggyecheon stream in Seoul!

Best thing evarrrr!
12] Ate bibimbap the first time ever, in Seoul!

Would die to try it again! T_T

13] Eat ice cream at 5 degree celcius for the first time!

The ice cream just wouldnt melt!

14]  Walk alone in a foreign city alone with a map and mp3 player, for five hours.

15] Went to Japan again with family this time!

For sakura!!!

16] See Sakura the first time!


17] Jump on the rocks of Kamo-gawa for the first time!

18] Sat in the Cosmo Clock 21 for the first time T_T

I had to edit the pic to show my face better wtf

19] Went to Beijing, China + the Great Wall!

I would love to go back to the Great Wall again! =D

20] Tried rabbit meat for the first time!

Too tough to chew!

21] Went to the shooting range and held a M14!

The only pix I took there.

22] Got the best companion ever from a lucky draw!

I shall name it Tabo and I safely say that I can't live without it now T_T fml

Yep, that's the 22 things I did when I was 22.Actually I have some more! I watched Faye Wong live in concert! I watched Jacky Cheung live in concert! Both were awesome!

It has been a  full year now. And there was some crappy things happened in the midst of it all but there were also some great things that went along.

I picked up those things that made me feel so happy and list them here just to remind myself that, I ought to stop taking things for granted.

See, 22 awesome things happened in the past year! They shouldn't be overshadowed by others things!

So, here you go, Suwa! Things will be better as long as you believe in good things and good things only!

Always be grateful for everything in your life and you shall gain happiness. Have a nice birthday. Good evening.

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