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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

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I've been really busy lately. Mostly for work related stuff because in my life, there is only work and hardly any personal happenings. Except that I've moved from one place to another, yet again. Sigh.

Last week was crazy. I had an assignment to Beijing, China on Thursday but I only received the invitation on Monday. So much to prepare and the trip wasn't exactly pleasant at all. But, I'm just happy to be able to add yet another stamp on my passport, although, China wasn't really in my travel list at all.

I am very happy and thankful that despite all the not-so-pleasant things I have go through for my work, I have the chance to be able to meet new people, learn new things and mostly, able to see the world in different sights.

Many people think that I have a fun job. But honestly, there isn't a job in the world that you do not need to work hard for it or go through bad days. I had my fair share of bad days too. I had my fair share of difficulties in my work.

I've been very lucky. And I am very thankful for that. I only hope that I can adapt to the changes that are happening right now and not take it too badly.

There are always good and bad in every thing, so the only way that you can deal with everything is that, don't take it too badly. There is always something good in bad and vice versa.

Anyway, I don't really wanna dwell too much on these things. After all, I am still just a young human being learning to be better. I hope we can all learn to be better together. ^-^

So, I don't have much nice photos at Beijing because  the weather and air pollution was really bad there. I though KL is bad but now I know that there is a place worse.

But for the sake of the many many words I put here, I should compensate with few pix, right? Meh, not like there is anyone here in thus blog.

Well, to those who are here, thank you and enjoy.

I am glad that I travelled all the way to my ancestor's land (although my ancestors came from Guangzhou, not Beijing but it's still China, right? ahha) with these crazy people. I had fun with them. They made me laughed whenever I feel like punching a wall out of frustration.

They made me realise that I should take things too seriously at times. They taught me how to stay calm. They taught me how to take control of my feelings and not burst out so often.

I hope I can keep these in mind. I have major issue with my emotions, really. I still remember once at school, I got so angry that I snapped a plastic stapler into half and hurt my hand in the process.

The large amount of blood flowing out of the deep line on my palm didn't shock me. What really shocked me at that moment was that instead feeling pain and anguish, I felt alive and happy. In fact, it scared me that I reacted that way to self-injury.

But I never did anything like that anymore since that day.

I hope I will be able to control my feelings and actions better.

I thought I'm very mature but seriously, as I am still as childish as ever. As much as I want to break away from my childhood, I am still very much a stupid child.

Note to self, take things simpler than they really are. You may have more fun in life that way.

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