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Thursday, 19 April 2012

[ ..i miss.. ]

 Oh, Haneda AP, we have so much fate together. We should get married right already. wtf

Sakura, sakura... When will I see you again?

I tried to not feel so bad about being back here. After all, I should translate the fun I had in other countries to my current state of mind. I should be happy that I had such chances to bring myself to places I love so much.

But day after day, when I look at the photos I took in Japan, I just feel so sad. I want to be there as the seasons change. I want to be there when it snows, I want to be there when the flowers bloom, I want to be there when the flower falls, I want to be there when the leaves turn from green to yellow, I want to be there when the last leaf falls.

I don't want to be sad. I want to be happy. I want to be grateful.

But I know, I will be back. I will be back at the place I love so much. I will be able to witness the last leaf falls.

I start on a journey on my own
I take a step forward. I feel alone
I am like a free bird
I am standing on a hill and feel the wind blowing
I keep walking and will never stop
I go with a smile and keep going
To a real journey only for me

Imagine you are a little child. You are a bird.
You could fly in the sky
Now, open a map and toward the future
To the journey of hope
Now, you are free. You become yourself
So that you can go anywhere you want.

I wander to find out where I should go.
I get lost till I find out
Even though a journey is only of a roundabout route,
I choose my own way by myself
I think and think, on and on. Night and day
I think it over and I go

We go to the future in ever-changing days
We open the door for tomorrow and start a journey aimlessly
To our future
We live in the time that does not stop

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