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Monday, 26 March 2012

[ ..polite?.. ]

The thing with being polite is that you can never show how you feel. No matter how angry you are inside, you can never show it to anyone. No matter how much someone steps on your tail, over and over again, you still cannot show how angry you are at that moment because, you want to be polite.

Once you show people how you truly feel inside, you became the person who is rude and non-appreciative. Also, you become the impolite person in the troupe.

But how do anyone conceal their feelings when everything inside starts boiling up so much that you feel like your heart and brain is going to burst?

How do anyone stand being emotionless just because they want to be polite to others?

But tell me, why do we need to be polite to people who are impolite to us in the first place?

Respect goes both ways. We earn our respects. But how to respect and be polite to someone who clearly do not have any respects to you at all?

Being human is hard. Being a nice and polite human being is even harder.

You work so hard to be nice to others. You work so hard to be polite to everyone. You work so hard to not throw a fit. But do anyone appreciate your hard work?

Why did I say hard work? Because if someone who is generally polite do not need extra work to be nice. But for people like me, who is striving to be a better person when she is practically the worst human being on earth, it is very much taking a toll on me. It's hard for me to be nice. But when I am being nice, can't my opponent be nice too?

I am so tired. I've working hard. But nobody ever thinks that I deserve the respect.

I don't ask for much.

I just want mutual respect. mutual politeness.

I hope people can understand that I put a lot of my time and energy in preparing so many things at one time.

Don't push me. Don't push me til I reach the cliff. I am very near the cliff right now. I don't mind jumping because I'd planned to do so for so many years.

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