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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

[ ..scrubsquishsquash.. ]

I have a new found hobby. It's washing the bathroom/toilet. Well, not particularly toilet lah, coz it's just about 10% of the entire bathroom. But I still kinda enjoy scrubbing it clean.

I think I liked cleaning the toilet since I was 12. It's just that when mommi is at home and she will do everything that people tend to think that I can't do all the scrubbing and washing. People thinks that I can't wash my own clothes, which I did when I was in national service.

When I moved to the new place now, I found myself finding zen in washing, cleaning and scrubbing. I found out that I can wash the dishes cleaner than my sister. I can clean the bathroom so sparkling clean it makes my sister's bathroom looks like the saddest place on earth. But I still didn't have time to do the laundry yet, which I plan to take over because my sister is too lazy to use softener and my clothes looks like dry piece of shit when it came back to me. I will certainly take over the laundry job soon.

Why did I say when I was 12? Because when I was in standard 6 at primary school, each class has their own toilet. Every toilet doors have a class label on it so that we will only use our own toilets and it's easier to blame when it is our own students.

However, with great power individual toilet comes great responsibility. wtf hahaah. We have to wash it ten minutes before school finishes every single day. And I always volunteer to wash it - every day. 

Why? Because I want to miss that miserable ten minutes from class. Our teachers were absolutely horrible. They liked to go on and on even after the school bell rang. So, in order to escape from it, I volunteered to wash the toilet. But it is also because I like how I don't have to talk to anyone when I was scrubbing away. Completely alone and in the dark. Splashing water and making the toilet looks clean again. It just makes me feel happy and accomplished. Wtf. What kind of 12 year-old was I?!

But it was during that time when I learned that I prefer my own company than the others. It promotes the individualism in me and I learned that I can only need myself to make things happen. And I don't feel particularly bad, like the students from other classes who whined and whined when I met them at the toilet during the washing time. 

But it's really kind of sad. There me, a 12 year-old who prefers facing the toilet that teachers and friends. I guess, it really kind of shown what kind of adult I will be at that moment, but I just didn't see it yet. At that time, friends was still an important element to me. Not anymore. 

All in all, I really enjoyed the act of washing. As much as I appear to be a dirty rat, I must say that I may be quite disorganised in many ways that doesn't mean that I am a dirty person. My sister thinks of me as someone who can live in dirt and mud and then survived. I can't, seriously. 

I shared the same bathroom with her mother-in-law for a week and I'd never felt the toilet was as dirty as that for my entire life. It may be just an illusion of messiness and dirtiness from her but seriously, I could barely step into the bathroom without thinking when is she leaving, so I can finally clean the whole washroom again. 

Actually, same goes to the kitchen. They think I dirtied their kitchen but the truth is, they dirty the kitchen more than I will ever do. Whenever I can find the time, I will wash all the plates again because my sister sucks in washing the dishes. The plates always have an oily touch to them! Urgh! 

So, me dirty? Think again. I may be quite messy in my own way but I am never dirty. In the opposite, my sister is extremely organised, but she is quite dirty and disgusting in her own ways. 

Good lord, I think I have to start telling them that I will do the laundry for them soon. If not, my new clothes will all turn into ashes without the power of softener! 

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