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Monday, 2 January 2012

[ ..re-re-re-re-resolu-lu-lu-lu-tion.. ]

Since for the past year of the pop music scene requires singers to stutter through their lyrics, I think it would only be fair if I finally caught on to the trend. wtf

Anyway, here are my 2012 resolutions that I doubt that I can win (I has no tiger blood yo) all of them by the end of this year. There it goes...

1] Be healthy, hit the gym at least three days a week and lose some extra weight.

2] Pick up lomography (again) and use at least four rolls of films this year.

3] Pick up watercolour painting again. It has been years.

4] Save at least 30% of my overall salary each month.

5] Travel out of country at least twice this year.

6] Work hard, earn good grades at appraisal and don't be lazy.

7] Gossip less, stop judging people from afar and be nice.

8] Don't blow up your credit cards limit.

9] Be happy and contented with life as it is.

10] 2013 new year celebration in other country.

That is it. Ten and no more. I've already win on resolution number five, but I am thinking of adding one more country to go because Bangkok isn't exactly far and I'd been there in '09.

Saving money (#4) is important because I am dedicating my entire 2012 to travel, obviously. A lot of people already knew my travel plans for this year, yet I am still not very satisfied. Need to get out more, I guess.

#1 is pretty difficult because losing weight is my resolution for every year but never really achieve anything great before. Maybe this is finally the year I can do something positive from it?

#10 is... ambitious, I guess. But, I will try my best to make it happen. I have a place in my mind, but we will see...

I guess, this is all. I think my priorities in life changed a lot through the years. We all grow up and I am glad I'd found the life that I want.

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