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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

[ ..old habits dies hard.. ]

Last month my colleague went to Melbourne (again - for the second time in 2011) and for some reasons, she spends like an insane woman there and bought everyone gifts. It might be the exciting combination of Christmas, new year and yearly bonus (woot, woot).

So, she bought me two pairs (mind you, it's TWO not ONE) of flats and she thinks it's normal to buy two pairs of shoes for colleague as souvenirs. Anyway, it's from Cotton On and it's hell a lot cheaper there in Aussie because the brand is from there and yada yada yada.

Sorry, it will take me years to get to the main point of this post because I get sidetracked easily and I had enough of jumping to the points in my articles. Let me be tad long-winded here please.

So, she brought the shoes to me at work, insidiously asked me to go to her cubicle to get them because, well... there will always be somebody else who will be jealous?

Then, I went there and view at the shoes that she bought me. They are really pretty (I'll post pix next time). One is a pair of  loafers that has this faux Missoni kinda design (zigzags goes parallel instead of horizontal) and the other is a pair of sneakers that has floral designs. I'd been looking for both styles for quite a long time (I love quirky-looking shoes, I know floral sneakers aren't that quirky but that faux missoni is) and am really happy with the gifts.

While I was admiring the quirkiness (sorry, vocab goes kaboom today, a lot repetitive words here) of the shoes and expressing my gratitude towards said colleague, there comes this woman (a resident staff in our office, in her late 40s, not married) gawking at my shoes. Ehem,  MY shoes.

What happened next was.. unbelievable.

Woman: Ohh, these are some lovely shoes! (Old school resident staffs in my office have this weird British-feel to their speech, not accents, just the way they express themselves)

Me: Yeah...

Woman: Where did you buy them???

Me: Errr errrr (started to feel rather uncomfortable because nobody was suppose to intrude this quiet and personal discussion between my colleague and I)

Colleague: Oh, I bought them from Melbourne. (She doesn't really like to tell the whole office where she went or planning to go for holidays)

Woman: Ohhh Ohhh... I see. You went to Melbourne ya? You just went is it? You just came back ya? I didn't noticed that you weren't at your table yada yada yada

Colleague and Me: *nervous and awkward laughters*

Woman: Yeah yeah. Anyway, what size are these? *looks at me*

Me: Size 38.

Woman: *eyes lift up* Ohhhh I'm size 38 too! *looks at colleague* How did you know her size ya? *Looks at me* You told her?

Me: Yeah *awkward laughs* ( At this point, I really didn't know where she is going at. and I thought her questions were stupid and ignorant)

Colleague: Yeah I asked for the size of her feet before I went. Yeah..

Woman: Oh I see.... How much are these? *Looks at colleague* Are you planning to sell these away?

Colleague: *Looks bewildered* Errr, no? I bought them for her *points at me*

Woman: Ohhh You bought both of them for her ya? *Looks at me* Since you have two pairs, would you mind if you sell this to me? *Holds on to the floral sneakers*

At this point, colleague and I threw bewildered glances to each other. We were both like, "WTFFFF????"

Colleague: No!! I bought these for her as gifts!

Woman: Ohhh, *looks at me* Not you asked her to buy for you is it???

Colleague: YEAH (From this point start, colleague answered almost everything for me because I was too shocked to say anything)

Woman: Ohhhh *looks at me* Then can you sell them to me?

Me: O_________O;;

Colleague: NO! I bought these for her as gifts! (note: see how she repeated the same words as mentioned above?)

Woman: Ohh okay okay.. BUT DO YOU LIKE THEM? 

My brain: OMFG WHAT THE FUCK ????

Me: Errrr yeah....

Colleague: Of course! She has been finding for these for a long time! That's why I bought for her!

Woman: *KEEPS HOLDING ON TO THE FLORAL SNEAKERS* But do you like them enough to let it go? *SERIOUS FACE*


Colleague: NO!!! She loves them and she is going to keep them! I bought these for her. It's from this brand called Cotton On and it's available here too! You can find these there!

Woman: Ohhh ohhh I see. So you can find these here ya? I never really seen this before *STILL HOLDING ON TO MY FLORAL SNEAKERS*.

Colleague: Oh, maybe you are looking into the wrong shops. You should go to Cotton On coz it's available here too.

Woman: Oh, if it's available here then why did you buy from there?

Colleague: Because they are having sales now and it's cheaper there.

Woman: ohh I see I see. So, you can find these here too ya? Where ah?

Colleague went on telling her where Cotton On is available and yada yada yada

Woman: Oh okay okay. *looks at shoes then look at me* So, are you sure you want this?


Me: Yeah, I want it. I've been looking for this for a long time.

Colleague: YEAH.

Woman: Okay okay. *FINARRY PUTS DOWN ZE SHOES - looks at colleague* SO, I can find these here ya?

Colleague and I: YEAH.

Woman stood up and walked away. Colleague and I went PHEWWWWWW wtf

NEVER in my life I'd experienced such ridiculous barter system. This is beyond ridiculous in many factors one of it is that THIS woman is in her late 40s. And she wants a pair of young-ish floral sneakers from a 22 year-old. And she wasn't doing to give up at all.

Secondly, I was really shocked at that behaviour. If she was any younger I would have asked myself "Who the fuck are the parents, teaching their kid to bargain with people this way OR ogle at other people's possession???"

That was seriously mind-boggling. Although I'd been around for two years, I never really had any conversation with this woman. The only times I would speak to her are probably water-cooler conversations about traffic and such.

But there was one time when she caught my attention. There was this one time when she walked into the pantry and saw my colleague and I and said " You two are getting heavier! Better go work out or something!"

My colleague and I responded with a laugh, as if it's a joke but Woman had a serious face. I wasn't really offended because I know that I am fat. And I know I should take care of my weight and health. But, there is no need to say things that way, ya know?

I know there are people who has verbal diarrhea. Sometimes I am like that too but I'm trying my best to control my speech. I'm young, I make stupid mistakes, I say stupid things.

However, this is the case... it's the lack of manners, you know? How can a highly educated woman at her late 40s can be so... rude and intrusive? How can she ask for things like that? Doesn't she understand the sentence "I BOUGHT FOR HER AS GIFTS"?

I mean, common sense! Even if I DON'T LIKE the pair, do you think I can just simply sell them away? I have manners! I don't sell things that people GAVE ME AS PRESENTS!

Some people say, aiya they are old, that's why they behave like children! HELLO, SHE IS NOT THAT OLD! And no matter how old someone can be, they will still retain their good manners. Things that they learn since young. UNLESS, they never learn any of it at all.

Good Manners. I think it is the first thing you should teach your kids. What is yours, what's not yours and you cannot take it from others. You cannot even ogle at things that belong to others. These are what my father taught me since I was a child.

This incident taught me something. That is manners simply does not exist in some older people. Being older doesn't mean they have good manners. They can be rude, crude and intrusive as a child too.

Good manners also doesn't come with education. So what if you are highly educated? If you have no manners, then you are just shit to me.

And I dislike people with zero common sense. It's one thing if you start talking about unrealistic things when you feel down or sad. But if you start speaking like an idiot even when you are clear-headed, then I really have nothing to say.

People like that has no logic. No rationality. And they simply do not care how other people think. They just want things to go through nicely for themselves. In this case, Woman is the best example.

She doesn't care if I want the shoes or not. She doesn't care if it's a gift. She just want the shoes.

Believe it or not, Woman went on to bug my colleague even days after I hid my shoes in the seven seas. Asking her questions like "Where to get them?" and "Cotton --- what?" .

I really have nothing to say about this. This is the first time ever I encountered such people. I will not walk near her on a fifty feet bridge.

That's all folks, I rest my case.

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