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Thursday, 26 January 2012

[ ..kuchingching.. ]

Before all, I would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year 2012. A couple of days late, but we are still in CNY ya. Although, not the same with the mood though. Some people, including myself, are already working since yesterday. Not much fun there, but hey, it's all about the moneh!

 Here's cat not liking my embrace because he had a tummyache first day of CNY. Poor thing. But's he's better now! ^^

Anyways, My sis and I went to Kuching a week ago for fun. I mean, we didn't really planned anything before going there except buying the flights and booking the hotel room. We kinda just wanted to getaway from the city for a while.

We knew that there aren't a lot of things to do in Kuching. And we know that the only thing we can do it get out of the town and head towards the greeneries. However, we didn't expect all those packages to be so darn expensive.

So, we ended up hanging out near the hotel and didn't do anything much. We had fun though, despite the occasional boredom. Anyway. here are some pix I ripped off from my own album in FB. I didn't bring the thumbdrive filled with the spare photos. Just wanted to document the mou-liu-ness from our trip.

 My super cute luggage bag I bought for myself as a Christmas gift last month. I can see it from 20 yards away on the luggage carousel in airport muahahahah

 Kuching is no Kuching without kucings.


But before all that, lets have some scenery pix now. 

 Nothing beats sitting on a sampan and watching the sunset. Oh gosh, it made my whole Kuching trip worthwhile.

I love how the sunset turn into such romantic colour after the bright yellow-orange-red. ♥

 Sis took this pic and I LOVE IT. It looks like a scene from pirates of the caribbean or something HAHAHAh /perasan. To the fountain of youth, WE GO!

Non-stop checking facebook this woman. =_= 

I SAW THIS POOR CAT at the Spring shopping mall T_T We had chicken wing and she came begging for food. SERIOUS begging! We only had some bones so we gave it to her and she ate it all! It's not good for her but no choice coz we were having tea and snacks at that time. But when I gave her a piece of wing with extra meat on it, she took it away. I followed her and SHE BROUGHT THE MEATY WINGS FOR HER BABIES! T______T I seriously almost teared. Mommy cat ate all the meatless bones but took the meaty bones to her kids. T___T I wanna give her the greatest mommy award T___T BAWWW It wasn't just once. Coz i tried again giving her meaty bones, and ONCE AGAIN she took it back to her kittens. ;_; gosh... I'm so touched. That is why I always say, animals have more heart than human beings.


LAST DAY! waiting for taxi, which never came T_T Oh yeah, those curls aren't real. I mean, they are temporarily. Sis bought this curls-making set thingy from Malacca and she tried it on me. Apparently I look nice in curls, but I don't see it. I thought I already look old without curls, and it only put more years to my age. Darn it.
Anyways, I'm happy to see so many pix in this blog again! ^^ It's always nice to have more pix than words. But sometimes, words just needed to be let out from my chest. 

Alrighty then, Happy CNY to all Chinese again and Gung Hay Fatt Choy! 

Have a nice day, folk.

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