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Thursday, 5 January 2012

[ ..explosions.. ]

So, it was new year eve almost a week ago and I took some photos of the fireworks on display nearby my new place. The display was quiet near this time and thanks to the balcony, my pictures do not have any window frames blocking as usual...

I figured out I need to put the pictures some where. Thought of putting in my flickr account but it is usually filled with my lomo films, so I don't really want to put my digital photos there. Hence, here are the pix and I only liked two of them because the rest were kind of... out and didn't caught in time or my hands were moving in excitement wtf.

 I cropped most of them and rotated some of them too because for some reasons, they look better rotated (such as this one above).

Below two are my absolute favourite that I actually put my name on it and also named them wtf. 

 It looks awesomely like a palm tree. I call this Palm Tree, obviously.

This... THIS. Have to be the best photo I took of all 2011 wtf.  I mean, come on. 

The timing was so great and the earlier fireworks finished into tiny glitters and at the same time new one burst in the air like wtf so fucking awesomebbqsauce it looks like an explosion for real. Don't mind me, I don't even know half the fuck of descriptions I just wrote. I'm not articulate like that. But fuck that shit, just look at this picture.

I call this shit, Explosion in the Sky, as if it's not obvious enough wtf. And yes, I rotated it so that it looks like an alien attack since you all wouldn't shut the fuck up about the end of the world and all those 2012 bullshit. I want an alien attack looks as awesome as this man. Aliens that looks like fireworks. Hollywood, here's your idea box. Take it and try to do your best. That's all folks, good day.

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