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Friday, 30 December 2011

[ ..launching rocket.. ]

One year ago this day I spent such a long time drafting a proper blog post on my new year resolution. For the past few years I've been doing the same thing. I still am.

I'd always been someone who anticipates the new year. A brand new year often gives me hope and it's the best time to start things over.

I don't know if I feel sad or happy right now because I was so busy for the past two weeks that I barely have time to breathe, moreover to reflect on my overall 2011. New year resolutions for 2012? I never even thought of that until today when I realised that there is actually just one more day to yet, another new year.

365 days passed us by so swiftly as if it's just a whiff of perfume on a stranger's body who passes by on the street.

However, now that I remember of this little habit of writing down a list of resolutions that I started a couple of years ago, I will not stop as I will still need my own encouragement when there isn't any from the people around me.

Let me start with ticking off some things off my 2011 resolutions that I'd set for myself on Dec 31, 2010.

[1] Lose at least 5 kgs by June!!! Then keep away from gaining weight starting from July. =D 
I did lose five kilograms but not by June. I only started losing weight in July because I gained some weight from January to June instead wtfwtf 

So, basically, I am back at square one for the moment but I still hope to lose some more in the next three months. 

[2] Make friends, be nice, don't be so calculative- unless with calculative friends- and have fun!
I failed terribly in this one. At first, I gained a couple of friends. I wasn't being calculative with them. In fact, I sacrificed so much (almost losing my job at one point) to help them realising *their* dream. 

In the end, enough is enough. I just cannot understand how come every time I was being the one who patronise everyone else, but nobody ever cared what I think or how I feel. 

Therefore, I ended the friendship as easy as I delete anything on the computer. Well, I did have fun... at least. 

[3] Pick up my film lomography again and take good care of my cameras!! (i.e.: Colonel (old KFC camera Mich gave me haha), Supatenshi, Kuuma and new Kuroki!!)
I did picked up lomography again! But so far, only one roll of film processed... /ashamed. The truth is, I only picked up lomography when I went to Japan in September. So, quite sad lah, but at least I DID picked up lomography again and even took some pretty pictures with my cameras!

[4] Get out of country for more than TWICE in 2011!!! 
Okay... I did get out of country twice in 2011. But it's quite shameful to talk about it lah, coz I don't think my Singapore trip can be counted coz it's for work, not for travel fun.

However, yes I did get out of country twice this year. I went to Singapore in March and Japan in September. 

And Japan is my proudest achievement so far. ;_; I still cannot believe that I made it there. Sometimes I will look at some random photos on the internet of Tokyo and Kyoto, I will find myself saying "Yeah, I'd been there." or "Yeah, I saw that too!"... It's really.. very surreal. Like a very realistic dream. Like Inception wtf.

[5] Try not to pick a fight with a particular bitch. and other people.
Well well my dear. I had already ended the friendship with the particular bitch. And I'd never felt so good in my entire 22 years of life.

Suck it u, bitch. It's over. I will never have to be looked down on you ever again! 

[6] Do my best at work, hit deadline and not complain and try to achieve something at work. Get higher marks at appraisal!! 8D
OMFG I cannot believe that I actually achieved a higher mark at appraisal!!!!!!!! <3 I friggin LOVE my editor I tell you! I didn't even do my best (in fact, got complained by a sub that my writing got worse...) or hit any deadlines (one time my editor lectured me kao kao for dragging my articles...) but the marks that he gave me... T__T I will be forever thankful that I have such an awesome boss for my first job.

The marks that he gave me and the things he wrote about me gives me so much hope and confidence for my future undertakings. ;_; I must be a very nice person in my past life wtf.

[7] SAVE RM X by Dec 2011!!!!! 
FTS.... YES I DID saved that much money but all went to... Japan. And some other stuff. Like clothes. And computer. And shites.

[8] Love Shiro-kyun uncontrollably and remember to bring him to vaccination next month hahahha. Buy him lotsa food. 
Yes, I did bring him to vaccination on January 2011. And I changed his kibbles to a better brand and it's mofo expensive loh ok! And his appetite got larger recently... I am going to be a poor bastard next year..

[9] Continue to give monthly allowance to mom and dad. 
Yeah I did.

[10] Go to every Silent Scenery (my brother's band) gigs!!! Starting from January 2011 at KLPac Open Day!!!! 
Dunno why this was so important last year. Anyway, I did go to their gigs but lets say, out of five I only went to three of their gigs. 

Sorry lah, I got to work on weekdays and weekends are too tired to move my ass....


 Not wearing mascara for the year of 2011. 
Yes, I didn't. 

Prescribe a new spectacles and wear spectacles to work and out as much as possible; minimise the usage of contact lens.
So, I did prescribe a new pair of specs, wore it for half a year. Then realised that I looked like a fucking idiot. Now, back to lens and having fun.

This is for the month of February, stop shopping completely. 
I don't quite remember if I spent anything on Feb 2011. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. 

Save AT LEAST 25% of your full salary each month and VOW never taking any amount out of the savings account just because you 'think' you need more money. 
OKAY, it's not fair to talk about all these money stuff right now coz I HAVE ZERO SAVINGS RIGHT NOW WTF. END OF STORY GAHHHH

You can still use the Visa credit cards but in a maximum of RM100 each month (not including petrol money, which is always RM120 each month). NEVER exceeding RM100, or else, you will bear the consequences the month next. 
Hahahaahah while I'd been an asshole to my savings account for the past year, I'd been not very abusive to my credit card. So I can safely say that, I hit this right on the spot! Yay! 

SO, that is all from last year's resolutions. Seems like I didn't do a great job at all. At least, I felt that I had learn and went through a lot of stuff this year that made me realise that life isn't so simple after all. Well, I'd always say that life is complicated, unfair and just a pile of bullshit.

Hmm, maybe I ought to be more optimistic next year. There might be something real good waiting for me in 2012. 
Tomorrow, I will write something on 22 things that I'd experienced and learn in 2011, alright? ^^ 

I should pick up my blogging mojo again ya'know. If I have time, I will write a proper travel post on my Japan trip. Well, not really for you to read since there aren't any readers around here. It's like a documentation for myself bah. 

There is so much more waiting for us in 2012. Lets look forward a better year, alright? ^^ 

Have a good days folks. See you again tomorrow. Good evening. 

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