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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

[ ..post-japan.. ]

I still cannot believe that I made it there and now I'm back. This morning when I woke up, I thought I was in the hotel in Tokyo. How I wish.

Really, I want to go back there now. I want to be there right now. On my last day there, I thought to myself, why don't I just sell off everything I have now, take all my money from my bank and just go there and work as whatever I can be. I will even work as a road sweeper or a toilet cleaner there in exchange of a life there.

Individualist. Japan is the best place for individualist as myself. Japanese are individualists. They hardly speak to strangers on the train as they prefer silence. They may have already brushed shoulders on a daily basis, but they would rather not get to know each other.

Fast paced walking. Almost running. I found my usual walking speed almost similar to theirs. I blend in the crowd easily as I am shorter than most of them and I walk as fast as them.

Bicycles. Bicycles everywhere. I'd always imagine a life with only bicycles. And trains. Two vehicles I love most in the world. And only Japan is the safest place for both of that transportation.

Greatest customer service in the world. Smiles everywhere. Help everywhere.  You walk out to the street and you immediately feel happy. and mostly, Safe. So safe. I could sling my bag back and forth and nobody will snatch it away.

But I know exactly what goes on behind the mask of safeness and individualism. Japan is also one of the most sexist place on earth. And no forgetting to mention the self-induced work stress. Japanese thinks that they are never good enough for anything. Even though that is what makes them so much better than other countries, but that is also what makes the suicide rates climbing steadily over the years.

I love Japan. I love the country so much. But we know although grass is greener on the other side, there will be some parasites living underneath the grass.

But I will still love Japan. I love Japan before I go there and I love Japan even more now. I feel happier when I'm there. Even though there are things happening around me that makes me feel bad, I will still feel happy and smile for the rest of the day. Japan is just so positive, upbeat, colourful and full of fresh air to me! I'd never felt that way before. Not even in my own country.

I will cherish this first trip of mine preciously even though it is flawed. This is an experience that I will never forget as I will definitely make plans to go there again. I learnt a lot about Japan for the past eight days. I can also confirm that I can definitely survive if I go there alone next time.

Tokyo, Kyoto... I will be back. Wait for me. ^^

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