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Saturday, 24 September 2011

[ ..moments.. ]

I have a lot happy moments in my Japan trip. It's more than just happy, it's the feeling of being overwhelmed by awe and excitement.

Watching the sun rise at Haneda Airport was the first time I'd arrived in Japan for 6 hours that I felt, wow, I really am here. I am here at the Land of Rising Sun, watching the sun rising. To start off my trip with such magnificent view, is just... wow.

It truly truly meant a lot to me. For the entire trip, whenever I felt bad, I took out my camera and look at this picture. As Zombieland taught us, enjoy the little things. You can witness the sun rise every day but there will always be that one sunrise that stays in your mind forever. This will be mine.

Well, not forgetting the big bright moon we saw the night before as we landed a day before the Mid-Autumn fest a.k.a. Mooncake fest. 

 It's the kind of view you will remember forever.

Here below are the littlest things in Tokyo and Kyoto that makes me happy.

When I saw willow trees everywhere in Ueno Koen.  I love how they flow softly even when the wind is strong. Such grace. No wonder they call the geisha community the 'flower and willow world' - karyukai.

When I saw how couples goes for boat pedalling as a date.

When I saw how modern and old-times mixes together in Tokyo. 

When I saw Matsumoto and Hamada on a billboard advertisement.

When I crossed the Shibuya crossings. Many many times. Also, when I drank green tea latte in Starbucks in Tsutaya.

When I saw swing sets in Inokashira Koen.

When I had takoyaki. Real takoyaki. In Tokyo. (Still wanting to try the ORIGINAL one in Osaka though)

Drinking ocha from vending machines.

When I wore the room yukata provided by the hotel.

A little rickshaw adv.

Arriving at Kiyomizudera with this view.

Taking self-portraits with a dome mirror.

Washing my hands and take a sip of water before entering the temple.

Being at Kiyomizudera.

Seeing the entire Kyoto city from Kiyomizudera.

 When I saw Yasaka Shrine.

 Writing my wishes on Ema in Yasaka Shrine. I hope my wish will come true!

 Saw an old grandma walking uphill in near Gion.

Saw Totoro.

Getting a green bike by chance when we rent bicycles in Kyoto.

Cycled through and got lost in eastern Kyoto. Cycled beside a big canal and got drenched by evening rain. Experiences that money can't buy.

Sitting beside the canal at Philosopher's Walk! 

 Saw cats at Philosopher's Walk.

 Just being in Kyoto. I truly love Kyoto more than Tokyo.

Eating ice cream sitting on the middle of an empty road near Ginkakuji.

Saw weird old school candies in Raumen Museum in Yokohama.

Witnessing from afar, the beauty of  the world's biggest ferris wheel + clock in Minato Mirai 21.
I promise, one day I will take a ride on this! =D Really need to go back there alone one day!

All these are the littlest things that made me feel so happy and satisfied! But I think the moment when my heart skipped a beat was when I saw two beautiful maiko. Thanks to my aunt who alerted me... I saw...


T______T I feel so stupid standing in between them BUT DARN IT I JUST GOT MY WISH COME TRUE! Better take a pic to prove it!!!!!

Meeting a maiko had always been my dream since I was 16, 17. I really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw their backs. I ran after them and asked for permission to take their photos. This is insane... I really couldn't believe it. I felt like I'd just met an icon. True enough, they are huge icons for the old Japan. 

I couldn't even let go of them when they walked away. I need to take a pic of their long long obi. The beauty of maiko kimonos are their long obi. Magnificent. Such magnificent obi. I bet they cost more than my entire Japan trip. /sobs

I know my moments of happiness seem silly to you. But these are truly what made my entire Japan trip a dream holiday came true. This is more than what I expected from Japan. I'd gotten more than I wish for. Therefore, I am forever grateful for this trip. It's a great holiday trip no matter what. 

My heart..... my heart yearns for a second trip.

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