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Thursday, 1 September 2011

[ ..meow.. ]

Pet peeve #9284810498731:
People who said that they are shy but actually, they are not at all. 

There are people who are shy at first meeting. For instance, me. Everyone who first met me, they said the same thing. "You looked shy", "You don't talk much" or "You seemed pissed off at everyone and everything". I get the last comment the most. I inherited my mother's '24/7 pissed off' face.

But when you get to know me, you couldn't wait for me to shut my mouth coz I just won't stop talking. In actuality, I am far from being shy. That is why I've never told anyone that I am a very shy person at all. I am only very very shy when I meet strangers coz I dunno what you like or dislike, so I don't dare to say anything in fear of offending you. (Funny right? 'fear of offending' HAHAHAHA)

When I am on stage presenting something or doing public speaking (as I did when I was in F6), I have major stage fright. I am not shy, but I have major stage fright. These two are very different things, mind you. Kurt Cobain had stage fright too, that is why he used his hair to obscure his views of the concert goers, or he closes his eyes a lot when he sang.

Anyway, define shy.

If you do not have these four 'symptoms', you are not shy at all. So, please don't use this word loosely.

I don't get how people can come up to you the first time you met them, and straight to your face, telling you that he/she is shy. "I am shy. I don't like to talk to others very much. I don't think they understand me" 

Oh ho ho, my dear. That is not shy. That just means that you are very insecure of yourself and also, thinks that the whole fucking world revolves around you.

I also have severe insecurities problem but I am not shy. You see, I am a very conflicted person. So, I better stop using myself as a proper human example. HAHA
Anyway, why do I hate it when people tell me that they are shy? It's like this, people who are crazy won't admit that they are crazy. You will not find an insane person in an asylum who will come up to you and say "Hey, you know what? I am crazy! trolololol I am mentally unstable,  that's why I'm here!" . 

Personally, I think it's highly impossible for anyone who is actually shy to admit that they are shy. If they are really shy, they wouldn't be telling you stuff like this. It's just the same concept with thin people who keeps telling others that they are fat. Or pretty girls who kept telling people that they are ugly. 

In conclusions, people who actually come up to you and tell you, in your face, that they are shy are attention-whores. End of story. 

Okay, of course, it's not that easy for me to end this post. I haven't rage yet, you see. So, what prompt me to write this post? 

I have a friend who told me that she is camera-shy. Define camera-shy. I don't really wanna quote wiki but only wiki has the definition. 

"Camera shyness refers to anyone who is unwilling to be photographed. It is common for people who are camera shy to fear public speaking, and/or performing in front of an audience, especially if they are having their picture taken by any type of camera or being recorded by video cameras. 
People who are camera shy usually think of themselves as not being photogenic. They may lack confidence about themselves, including their general appearance" .

You see, I have stage fright but I don't have camera shyness. That is why I told you that I have a very conflicted personality.

So, my friend who came up to me telling me that she has camera shyness, I believed her. Because she seems like a very reserved person. So, I though, okay well lets not take a picture then. I don't fancy taking pictures of my face too, not because I'm shy, but I look horrid most of the time and I don't think I need to leave evidence of my ogre-face. .

But then, when I saw albums and albums and albums of self-shot camwhoring pix in her facebook page. Gosh, just stab her with a paper knife please.

Camera shy??? Camera shy your arse! She went from thick make ups and revealing clothes to being topless OKAY! With all these supermodel-wannabe poses and expressions. What the fuck went through your fucking mind when you said you are camera shy????

Urgh, nothing irritates me more than these attention-whores! Mind you, I am not hating on shy people here. I am just hating on those whores who tell lies so that people will like and praise them!

Why did she tell me that she is camera-shy? Well, I can only think of a reason. So that when I go to her profile and saw her self-shot pix, I will comment, "Hey gurrrrlllll,, ya look uber pretty herreee! why duncha take more pix! ya so hot babeee!"

Yeah. Like that. But sorry hor, I don't do such things. Sorry to disappoint you.

Please, people. If people like you, they will like you. You don't have to do things to make others like you. I'd tried that, it didn't make a difference because I'm not a likeable person.

Why lie in order to fish some sympathy out of a stranger or a new friend? Or fish for votes like some contestants on American Idols did?

I remember there was one year an Asian girl contestant was on that season and she has a very big voice, like Christina Aguilera. She can sing so damn well. BUT whenever they conduct an interview or when they speak to her on stage, she quipped in this soft child-like voice and often squeezed her shoulders tight like trying to disappear from the stage. I FELT LIKE FLY-KICKING HER IN THE STOMACH.

WADAFARK bitch! You think you act like that you can get more votes is it?!!!! Shy? Shy your head lah shy. If you are shy, you won't be like a different and more confident person when you are performing!!! When she sings, it looks like she's dreaming that she's the biggest star on earth. Very good eye connection with the audience and the judges.

BUT when she stopped singing, she looks like a child in a pedophile field! WTF! I fucking hate her loh seriously. Luckily, her strategy didn't work and she got voted off quite early although she can definitely sing better than the other.

SEE, you may garnered a little sympathy in the beginning when you tell or imply to people that you are shy, but nobody can stand your antiques for long. People will know what an attention whore you are soon.

So, why lie? Why? If you are really shy, people will know. You don't have to tell. If you are really shy, people will have the instincts to protect you, to care for you.

You don't have to do extra to make people accept you, love you or whatever. You just need to be yourself. And always think before you say anything, because there will be someone like me out there, who will get irritated easily and will chastise you for that one little mistake you make. But then, you don't need people like me as your friend lah, coz I understand that it is difficult to be my friend. Heheheh

It's just that, I cannot tolerate bullshit. There is enough bullshit in the world. Bullshit is thrown at me daily, I don't need friends who bullshit me some more. So, yeah. I am very picky in choosing friends. So, I would rather not to have any. I shall just stay at home with my cat, reddit and stalk male actors. wtf.

Anyway, this ends my post on my yet another never ending pet peeve list. Words and words. Goodbye.

 Here's Christian Bale holding a nail gun behind your head.

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