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Friday, 23 September 2011

[ ..FYI.. ]

I never thought that I need to explain myself to others. The more you explain the more it seems like you are trying to cover things up. But in this case, I need to make things clear because I hate it when people assume things about me. And I hate it when those people are my old schoolmates or whoever they think they are.

About my Japan trip. Nobody paid for my Japan trip. You think it's a work trip? No. You think it's a sponsored work trip, like my trips to Singapore and Sarawak? No. I went with my aunt, therefore, she must have paid for my trip too? No.

My Japan trip is entirely, wholly sponsored by myself. Everything, including the littlest thing, every yen, came out from my own pocket. And mind you, my pocket isn't that deep. In fact, it's barely there. I never let my aunt paid anything for me. If she pay for any meals first, I will immediately pay her back. The only time she bought me something in Japan is in a cafe in Omotesando, where we drank Honey Lime Green Tea (WTF IS THATTTT - but it tasted nice!) which cost about 300yen. And I was too lazy to take out my wallet at that time.

I am not shy to tell you how much I spent there. In fact, I am proud that I got a great deal out of an expensive country. I spent roughly RM4.8k there. No more than RM5k. Thanks to my aunt who spent all her time hunting for cheap but comfortable hotels and thanks to AirAsia for supporting Japan tourism, we saved a lot for both things. The rest of the RM4.8k is spent on the JR Rail Pass, eating and shopping. To spend only RM4.8k for a complete eight-day trip in Tokyo and Kyoto is beyond reality. Therefore, I am glad.

Why do I need to state these things out? Not because it is boasting. There is nothing to boast when we travel cheap. Boasting is when you spend more than RM10k for eight days in Japan, because you shopped expensively and, stay and eat luxuriously.

This is not boasting. This is to clarify your speculations, your assumptions that my entire trip isn't paid by myself. You think I cannot afford this myself. May I ask, why not?

I had been working for two years. Exactly two years, of which I had been saving and starving (well, not exactly) for this trip. My dream trip. My salary ain't much. You think I have a lot of savings because I live with my family, therefore I don't need to pay rent and such. Oh, darling. How wrong are you?

Although I live with my family, I still need to pay rent because we don't own the apartment. I have a car to pay off. I have a cat to feed (he eats A LOT and his litter costs much too). But still, I try to save as much as I could. And I can still afford to give my parents pocket money every single month. If it isn't because my old car broke down and I bought a new car, I think it wouldn't take me this long to go to Japan.

Instead of looking for flaws in my trip, why won't you just be happy that your friend, your useless little friend in school, now achieve something that you never expected her to?

Jealousy? I was an extremely jealous person, and it peaked when I was 19. Now that I am grown up, I think jealousy is useless. You spend your days being jealous at someone but not doing anything to boost yourself up, what's the point? Channel your jealousy into something more productive, please.

Hate? I was a very hateful person, in fact, I still am. I hold grudges, forgive is okay, but I never forget. However, I am a much more peaceful person now because I learn how to channel my negativity into something more useful. I dunno, maybe channel your anger and hatred into workforce? Turn into an energy that will help you to concentrate at work? I dunno about you but that is my way. 

I am sure you can go for your dream holiday one day too. Not now, but maybe later. I never rushed my Japan trip to prove to others that I made it! If I am really crazy about showing off to you, I would have gone to Japan the second month I started working. THAT, is showing off.

It took me two years to save enough money for this trip and it's totally worth it. It's never easy when you have peanuts as salary.

But it will be a lie if I say that I am not proud of myself. I am extremely proud of myself not because I compare myself to you all. It's because this is the first trip that I paid for myself entirely. Not one cent from my parents or sisters. It's all me. And I don't need a rich boyfriend to bring me there too. Besides, the effort I put into the research of the trip made me feel capable. I no longer fear of getting out of country. I no longer fear of being a tourist. I no longer fear of being lost.

I am proud of myself, finally. first time in 22 years. I feel happier now after my trip.

I am sure all of you will have a chance to feel this one day. I wish you best of luck. I hope I got my message clear. I am sure that you all can do better than me in the future. I wish you all best of luck.

Why compare with me, when I am just a measly office worker? One day, all of you will become a professional and so darn rich that you won't even remember your friend went to Japan on her own expenses when she was only 22. Don't waste your energy on hate and jealousy. Channel it to your assignments!

Well, that's all my long-winded crap talk for today. Remember, nobody paid for my trip and please, stop making assumptions about me anymore. You and I, are not even friends anymore. Goodbye.

*glitter* Let there be PEACE!!! *glitter*

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