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Monday, 22 August 2011

[ ..rip the banana.. ]

Pet peeves #8246895102986465182:  

When people say "I'm taking a break..." from etc etc etc.

I have a LOT of pet peeves. Like my personal god -Carlin once said: "I don't have pet peeves, I have major psychotic hatreds!"  I just found this one out today. And it bothers me to hell.

I don't like the phrase 'taking a break'. The only 'break' I like is Kit Kat.

I hate the phrase even worse when someone uses it to define their holidays. "Oh, I'm going to Bangkok coz I need to take a break from work/life."

'Take a break' is often used in couples' talk. "I need to take a break from you" or "We need to take a break". Which means, a couple need to break up for a while when there are some problem surfaced in their relationships. Even so, 'take a break' often sounds solemn and hopeless. That is one of the reasons why I don't like this phrase.

Why we shouldn't randomly use it? Because it's a stupid phrase. Nobody should take a break from anything. You shouldn't take a break from your homework, You shouldn't take a break from you work, You shouldn't take a break from your relationships, You shouldn't take a break from life itself.

Whenever a problem arise, solve it instead of putting it aside and run away for a short period of time. Why shouldn't you run away? Because you will be back and you will have to face the reality anyway. So, what is the point of 'taking a break'?

I try to find a definition of 'take a break' that comes close to what I feel, but I could only find this.

  which sounds perfectly normal and kind of quaint. Nothing about running away from reality. This is what 'take a break' should mean. Nothing negative about it. For example, "I'm taking a break now to the grocery! I'll be back later to fix the pipes!" Positive and non-delusional.

But I did find one from Urban Dictionary and it really define the kind of 'take a break' I mean in this blog post.

"Taking A Break" is the classic escapist cliché.
People with under-developed social skills or lack of problem solving abilities use this as a cop-out.

You will only 'take a break' when you couldn't solve a problem. You think by leaving you can solve it, but in reality, you won't  You will only make things worse. So, what is the point of running away?

There are people who goes to holiday for fun and refreshing life-changing experience. That is not 'taking a break'. 

When you say you are 'taking a break' from whatever you want to 'take a break' from - by going to a holiday elsewhere, it just mean that you will not enjoy your holiday because you will be thinking about your problems there and then you will have to come back to face it anyway. So, once again I ask what is the point? 

You can use the phrase 'take a break' all you like, but never use it for a holiday. Don't ever say "I'm taking a break, so I'm going to Paris" because you will sound like a prude. 

Personally, there is no such thing as 'taking a break'. It's a fantasy that doesn't work. Just like all religions and their constant request for you to pray for help. 

Nobody needs help, You only need yourself to work things out. Solve your problems and quit whining about it or 'taking a break' from it. You need to face it no matter what.

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