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Monday, 29 August 2011

[ ..paper clips.. ]

I have to keep telling myself that I am happy I am happy I am happy I am happy.

The truth is, I really am happy. But why at the same time, I feel sad as well? I don't understand this conflicted feeling. Duhurr... Anyway, due to the lack of pictures in my blog posts lately, I've decided to put some random pix I found on the internet here.

Things that inspires me at the moment.

Can anything be cooler than this photo of Thompson, John Cusack, Johnny Depp and a blow-up doll in a car together? With a cigarette each too. Possibly not ciggie, but some rolled up weed. Just, look at Cusack's face and Johnny's intensity behind the steering wheel. By the way, the car is stolen too. Gosh, this photo is beyond awesomeness.

Why, hello there Constable Ichabod Crane~

 Ditto, Deppy. Ditto.

 Nobody can be Deppy enough in the industry, Burton.

Very very good soundtrack for my trip to Japan next month. Shall play Alone in Kyoto by AIR when I'm in Kyoto.

Forbidden sunset. Took this pic last year I think. 


I wish someone can stop me from listening to Björk's Pagan Poetry because the tune is so melancholy. But then, it's such a good song. Can't get the tune out of my head at all. 

Got myself messed up in her tunes. Don't think I can pull myself out of the fandom now. ;P

Think I can get her new album, Biophillia, in my country? Damn this album cover is awesome! And her new songs are just.... gosh.... so damn good.

 And I think this is the big news? Yeah, got myself on a flight to Tokyo next month. Will be going to Kyoto too.

 And a big 'Fuck You' to those who don't think that I can make it without a piece of useless paper like degree or diploma. I'm 22 and I am in a far better position than most of my old school mates in colleges and uni now. Enjoy masturbating to your paper assignments and giving blow jobs to useless college guys now. Don't forget to pay off your study debts too. See you in 2013, suckers.

Yeah, that's how I deal with my own insecurity. By reminding myself how I am doing well by myself now and reminding myself that those fuckers who looked down on me still have so long to go before they can have what I am having now. I know there are far better ways to be uplifted but I choose this way because I am a sadist and I love seeing people I hate doing worse than me now.

That's all the hate I have for tonight. Now, let me continue watching shota-Bale in Empire of the Sun. Goodnight.

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