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Friday, 12 August 2011

[ ..ah, so the bag of beans finally rips apart.. ]

When you talk about disappointment, it is always about studies. Disappointed that the results are not good enough. Disappointed that you couldn't get into a university. Disappointed of your son or daughter for not doing well at school.

Or money and work. Disappointed that after all the hard work, you only get peanuts. Disappointed that boss will never give you a chance to shine. Disappointed that things are getting more expensive. Disappointed that you owe so much money to the bank.

Or life itself. Disappointed how day by day is getting worse for you. Disappointed that nothing will improve in the near future. Disappointed in yourself for not doing enough for yourself and your family.


but to me, I think there is nothing worse than to be disappointed at how a person can change from good to bad and then to worse.

Everyone hopes for the best in everyone they know of. But imagine, the last time you met your friend or anyone you knew of, they are at the best. Happy, healthy, \successful, grateful of what they have in life and have a great future ahead of them. Then when you meet them again six years later and for some reasons, they aren't the same person anymore.

They speak differently and constantly griping on severe money matter, failed relationships and even became an alcoholic. They just don't seem like the person you last saw six years ago. The glimpse of a happy person with a loving family that you saw in your friend, is not there. All you see now is a very flawed human being and through conversations, you found out that it was their peers' bad influence.

What do you do? Will you try to help them? Will you tell them to get their heads up and look into the mirror? Will you do your best to tell them that, the lives that they are living now are not right?

But what if the person is very stubborn? What if they think that whatever that they do is right, and whatever you are saying is wrong?

As a friend, after you try your best to help your friend but they decides to stay that way, the only thing you can do is just leave them alone. After all, they are just friends that you wished well. Whatever happens in their lives in the future probably has nothing to do with you. So, the only thing you can do is just leave when nothing can be done.

However, what if that person is your family member? What if you witnessed things unravels on its own and see -slowly- how a person turn from good to bad and then to worse?

What if you tried to help but things are still doing bad for them because of their stubbornness?

How will you feel? You feel disappointed. You feel disappointed to have such relative, disappointed of the way they treat the rest of the family and mostly disappointed that they have turned into such person that you do not recognise anymore.

What happened? Why did it turn out this way?

This feeling is worse than just being disappointed. This is beyond disappointment. It is that pang of guilt and resentment that you didn't do enough to help them. Help them get back on track. Help them realise things.

What can you do? What can we do?

Since beans are all spilled now and most of it are lost, you can never collect them back again. Time cannot be turn back. Nothing can be done at all.

Now, we are just sitting here and looking at all the consequences that are about to take place.

How bad can a person changed to be? You have absolutely no idea.

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