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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

[ ..wise.. ]

First of all, the whole idea of voting out a corrupted government (given that the next option may not be entirely better) is mainly to remind the people once more where true power lies: us. For so long, the government has twisted the principles of democracy, deluding people to think that we are to be servile to the government, when it should be the other way round.

The hegemony of this very same government has been prolonged too far into our time, when their lies have betrayed the people. An electoral system is to renew in the people the power that they always have on the government. What this means is simple, that no matter what political ideals you hold, the concept of a serving government should never be compromised. And it is currently being compromised at such.
If you feel so strongly against this government, you should vote them out not because you feel that the opposition could do better (indeed maybe they won’t) but that this government has failed. There has been too much false fear among us that we are not permitted to snap the government into knowing where their true position really lie in society. This current government is too comfortable with where they are. A show of defiance is dire to stop them or any impending government from inheriting this deplorable ideal.

You may say that whoever comes to power after would be worse, but again, thats not where absolute power lies. The dichotomy between gov and opp is wholly decided by you, your family, your friends and this vast extension of rakyat. If the future gov ever fails you, lest not you forget that you have the very same power to vote them out. No party should feel like they have won once they ascend to the top. And this is where we come in. For what its worth, any change atm would be for the best.

The people have lost the power for too long, we need to grant us back this. In between the wok and the fire, maybe the truest purpose of democracy lies in the cook. And his tools shall never override him, regardless.
  ~ as commented by Ida on quaintly.net 's last post

 Dear Malaysians, vote wisely on the next election.


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