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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

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I wish I have something to say about the rally. But the truth is, I had lost all hope with our government that I stopped to care about the politics since two years ago.

Back in my school days, I was crazy about the politics. Whenever I have the chance, I will talk to my dad about it. When I go to school I feel awkward because I am the only one who is interested in politics while the others talk about boys, results, popularity etc.

I read every political news and I follow every court case. I find them interesting back then.

But now, I just couldn't care less. I spent the years when I was 15 to 19 hoping that there will be change in our government but nothing happened. There is not the slightest change, instead the problems got worse and to the point that I realised that there is nothing  that can be done at all.

I am not a patriotic person. Since I was in my teenhood I told myself that one day I will run away from this stupid country and never come back. Then as I grew, I realised that I don't hate the country, I hate the government, who keeps ruining things for the citizens.

I love my country. I know not everyone in this country are like our politicians.

Back to the topic, I wish I have an opinion about the rally and what is going on right now but to tell the truth, I really  have nothing to say. I support the rally but something tells me that the rally will never serve its purpose and nothing will be changed in the government after that.

To the government, our opinions does not matter. To them, we are minority. They will never listen to us, they will never do anything for us. They are just politicians because they can get rich faster that way. All they care about are themselves.

Personally, I think the rally is important yet, useless. I personally do not want the rally to happen because I hate to see our people getting hurt or even killed by our police who tend to open fire without warning. I know to die in honour sounds very respectable but to die for the country yet knowing that nothing can be done and nothing will change, just mean that you had wasted your entire life for nothing.

I don't want people to die. I don't want people to get hurt.

I have no doubts that the government will be aggressive before the citizens do. Because they are cowards. The government and the politicians are cowards. Only cowards will start to defend themselves before any accusation is made.

The same applies to the rally. I am pretty sure that before the peaceful citizens do anything that pose danger to the officers, the officers will be attacking the citizens first. Trust me, I just know it will happen.

We do not want money from the government, we do not want big houses from them, we do not want big cars from them. All these while we complain about our economy but we still live on without rallying.

All we want from the government now is respect. And to listen. And to agree that there is a huge problem in our country. And we are ready to help the government to fix the problem.

We don't do rally to get money. We don't get paid for doing this. We are doing this for our country's sake and I have no idea how our government has failed to understand our notion. We are not doing this for ourselves. We are doing this for our country, our people.

In a long time, I never felt such frustration over my country, but now I couldn't help but feel that way yet again because we, citizens, have been shamed by our government. They do not even treat us as human beings anymore. We are just dogs dressed in yellow t-shirt to them.

They think that they can throw some kibbles to us and we will be satisfied. No, we won't. We will not be satisfied until we can get what we want.

And that is final.

I hope the rally will bring change to our government, to our nation. I hope what I assumed is wrong. I hope things will be better after this weekend. I hope the government will lower their head and listen to what we have to say.

We all know that without the people, there will be no nation. If the government still fail to understand that, they they can go fuck themselves in the assholes.

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