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Friday, 3 June 2011

[ ..six-hundredth.. ]

I have very little to say lately. I already said it all in my twitter. I feel sorry for those guys who are following me, really.

Reaching 600th post finally since my first post in 2007. When I started blogging, I wanted to be a blogger. I wanted to be famous like other famous bloggers at that time. But this is no longer the case. Nowadays, I cringe when I hear people call themselves blogger, just because they own a blog. Or when other people call me blogger just because I own a blog.

It is very simple, really. I have a blog, I blog, but I am not a blogger. I am simply a writer who vents out her emotion in a little space in the world wide web. Okay, I am not a writer, I am a ranter.

A blogger nowadays no longer means an author of a blog or a person who keeps and updates a blog. A blogger nowadays means, someone who got paid to write advertorials, or a person who wants to be hip and famous or someone who is truly a famewhore. Well, that is at least, how I view bloggers nowadays.

Reading a blog five years ago was reading a person's journal in life. A glimpse into a stranger's life. It basically answers to the question - ' I wonder what are the other people doing with their lives now, at the same time I am quietly living my life'.

Reading a blog now is reading advertisements. That is the purpose of blogs, nowadays. To spread advertisements. Genuine blogs are so hard to come by lately.

I don't want to know which telco is doing promotion, or which restaurant is having vouchers or new menu. I don't want to know which product is good for you or which camera you should buy, as if we do not know you are only writing this because somebody is paying you to write.

I dislike advertisement. In fact, I hate the whole consumerism and the massive advertising nowadays. As I drove through the highway heading back to hometown once, I wanted to enjoy the scenery, the trees, the  hills, BUT all I saw was constant flashing of huge billboards in the middle of NO WHERE. One after another, one after another one after another.

I feel so tired of it all. Not only when I play a video on youtube, I have to watch a fucking 30 seconds advertisement, I also have to endure all the stupid billboards on a scenic view.

I feel that everything is getting way out of hands. It is uncontrollable.

What makes me feel worse is that how my work is so advertising driven to the point that I think journalism had finally lost it's meaning.

Journalism no longer means the practice of investigation and reporting of events, issues, and trends to a broad audience. Journalism nowadays mean, SHOVING advertisements down your readers' throat without them realising it.

I feel sick. I feel repulsed.

I think I finally found out why I feel stuck and start to dislike certain things about  my work. All the fake smiles, all the fake conversations... I am so sick of them.

But I am a rational person. I know that I cannot let these things affect my love for writing and sharing information. I still love to write but some days, I wish I can write whatever I like without following certain protocols and requirements.

I feel tired. Mentally drained. All my brain juice are gone. I don't know what to feel anymore. I don't know what to think about anymore.

Maybe because it has been five months and I only took one day off for CNY. I really need a holiday. I took two days out of next week off. I hope I can find solace from the four-day weekend next week.

There is no point to this post. My blog posts always makes no sense or have any points. I just want to write whatever I feel like writing because this is the only place my fingers can dance across the keyboard without the need of using flowery vocabulary or the right usage of grammar. Or without the need of my brain scrambling out meaningful phrases.

I shall continue drinking my coffee and typing out articles that does not mean anything to me.

Have a great Friday, all. Enjoy your weekend.

I would like to do a little shout out here to my cousin, Michelle!!! Congratulation that you are graduating tomorrow!!! Cannot believe we are all so grown up already! Remember those days when we were 9 and playing doctor and patient in your house? (I know you don't! ;D) Anyhoo, congrats and study well in your Japanese course and I know you will be doing great in the future! Don't worry and have confidence in yourself! Don't be so hard on yourself. You are a great artist! Have faith in yourself! I labyu!! Looking forward to September yo! ^^

Alrighty, once again, have a nice day. and enjoy your weekend. Bye for now. Also, enjoy this video I took from Malacca's The Baboon House.

The cat was saved by my cousin few months back. I helped her sent him away to her friend and I shoved him into my bag that time hehe. And the 'mommy' I meant is my cousin, of course. We still call the cat her 'son' to this day. Also, pardon my stupid and annoying voice. Next time I will remind myself to shut up when I am recording a video.


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