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Monday, 27 June 2011

[ ..nanami.. ]

It has been long since my last post. I couldn't find anything to write about here so, I just kinda... abandoned it. But, here I am, back, healthy, fatter and joyful, to announce my new baby, Nanami.


You have no idea how much I want a slide phone! I always wanted either a slide phone or a clam-shell phone. But I never get to buy it coz I never really buy my own phones. My first mobile phone, Nokia 2100, which I call Nabiki, was a present from my father after a long time bugging. I was 15. 

Then my second phone was Natsumi, a Sony Ericsson model (forgotten which), that I  bought almost immediately after my National Service term. I bought it but I was influenced by my brother at that time. 

After that, I dream of a slide phone or a clam-shell phone for the longest but will never have any budget to get it. Later when my sister changed to an iPhone, she gave me her old Nokia phone (dunno what model) and I used it until December last year when the screen died on me. T_T 

Then, I borrowed my brother's old Sony Ericsson model and used it until now that I cannot stand it anymore that I've decided to get a new phone. But, what prompt me to actually get the phone is mainly because... I got angpau from my sisters. Or else, I won't be getting one myself. 

I have no idea why I always feel reluctant to buy a phone. To spend RM600 at once is just... I don't know... a little too much for me? And I don't want to use my credit card to buy anything except for my petrol. (I have very strong control of my spending seriously)

So, when I get enough money, I finally get the luxury I want. 

I am never crazy about gadgets and smartphones that seems like everyone is interested in now. All I want is a phone that I can call and send messages with. Well, now I want a wi-fi function because it's nice. ;P

I was slightly confused with Nanami-chan in the beginning because there are quite a lot of difference between her and my other Sony Ericsson phones. But now I'm getting used to the functions and I couldn't stop sliding Nanami up and down (erm..) 

I'm really happy with my new darling!

I have a 4gb mini sd memory card in Nanami and I couldn't figure out what I can store in it. So far I put 47 songs, a few pix and I still left around 3.8gb space. =_= is a 4gb card really necessary?

Oh, one thing I don't like about the phone though, is the backspace button. The 'C' -cancel- button is quite a pain in the arse to push. But I guess, I will be used to it sooner or later. Hmm.. Anyway.... this is my tiny update and will be back soon for more? (I doubt it). 

Err.. That's all for today and well, see ya!


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