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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

[ ..hatred.. ]

Well, it's time for you to endure hate posts from me again. I had been trying so hard to stop hating. But I had consumed too much hatred that I need some outlet or else I will just die in a pile of hatred shite.

I don't listen to indie music. I don't listen to indie rock bands. I don't listen to mushy mushy lyrics that doesn't make sense or hipster music.

And I don't give a flying fuck what you are listening to or what you like to listen to. I don't fucking care. Is that easier for you to understand? You need me to fucking cuss at you so that you can understand better?

No, I am not the kind of cool indie girl. I am not your manic pixie dream girl. I fucking hate manic pixie dream girls.They should not exist in films! They are ruining the industry. That is why I like Emily Deschanel more than the sister who is obviously a manic pixie dream girl.

No, I don't listen to all those COOL music you all listen to.

I love my pop-ish Ayumi Hamasaki just fine. I like my pop-jazz Norah Jones just fine. I love my Shibuya-kei, Capsule just fine. I like my brother's band just fine. I like my post-rock Inspirative and Toe just fine. I love my anime soundtracks just fine. I love my movie soundtracks just fine. I like perfect harmonies just fine. I like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald just fine. I like my instrumental music just fine.

I am not cool. I am never cool. I don't want to be cool. I want to be myself.

My liking for music varies. I don't have a specific tune that I love. I love everything just fine. At times I want to listen to electro-pop. At times, I want to listen to sappy ballads. At times I want to dance to shibuya-kei. At times I want to head-bang to post-rock.

I like my kind of music just fine. But did I ever goes on and on on twitter and blog and tumblr and facebook just to tell everyone how 'cool' I am listening too all these 'cool' songs?

"oh i'm so cool i'm so cool i'm so cool i'm going to hashtag every single songs I listen to, just to show the whole world how awesome I am!"

I am not the cool girl you want or expect me to be. I am the conventional girl who listen to Ayumi Hamasaki and basically worship her awesomeness for years.

What mainstream? What indie? What? I don't give a fuck about those. I like everything just fine. I won't even deny that I have very shallow tastes on music. In fact, I agree! I don't give much fucks for music. At least I am not pretentious enough to act like I knew everything about things I don't know or give a damn about.

Most of all, I don't care what music you like. End of story. Good night.

update: Ah well, seems like not everyone can handle criticism. and of course, they are the perfect and the right ones, not me. I am the imperfect evil soul. This is not new. I knew that years ago.

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