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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

[ ..busy busy.. ]

These coming couple of months is going to be busy busy for me! It's already mid June and by next month I'm going to sort things out for ze big plan of September.

September, 2011 is going to be a great month for me. It is something that needs months of preparation and without the preparation it might not even be a success. Therefore, I shall be working hard towards that goal and dream of mine.

Hopefully everything will go according to plan and September will be an adventure for me.

Work wise, I am finally back and track and very happy that I manage to steer my way back to where I came from and who I really am. Never did I ever feel so diverted and lost track until recently and good thing that someone gave me a wake up call and now I am finally back at home.

I am mentally exhausted lately and admittedly got even more easily annoyed and irritated than usual. That cannot be helped especially when there are so many nonsense things agitate my emotions.

I have once again given up hope in people and I am back to my singular life form. I think it is best that I stay away from most people as possible. I am not exactly a saint to begin with. Unlike them, who are ultra mighty saints from the future who came back to the past to give ultimate advices and teach others how to behave and live their lives, I am simply just a human being who wants to breathe and live a normal and obscure life.

I am now contemplating something that I should have done long time ago. I think I shall do what I feel like doing. And quit whining about it anymore.I will see how things go, okay?

Once again, I am left dazed and confused.

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