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Saturday, 14 May 2011

[ ..coconut.. ]

I finally been able to find peace within myself and my home, and my cat. There are times when I am dying to get out and have fun but I guess I really need the time to sit down at home like this and just relax.

I really want to breathe normally again. Not rushed around or dressed up nicely. I really just want to wear my loose t-shirt and short pants at home with my car falling asleep on my arm.

And have some time to type some words here in my sanctuary. It is a warm afternoon. It has been a warm afternoon since a couple of weeks ago. It was just last month when the rain wouldn't stop falling and I was stuck in the office freezing cold. Nowadays, when I go into the office the sweat from body wouldn't even evaporate entirely at once.

The weather here is so unpredictable. The fan is switched on to level 4 but still, I find my hair greasy and wet from the sweat. I'd just washed my hair last night, darn it!

What is wrong with Mr Weather? And the haze got worse than before! We cannot even see the clear blue sky anymore!

Really, at this point, I really want a coconut juice.

I shall go to the nearest mini market to get those expensive ready-packed coconut juice. RM3.99, I am ready to pay it to cure my thirst and regain my sanity.

And to spend my Saturday afternoon, I shall finish up my marathon of The Nanny. I'm finishing season 5 now. Time for season 6 soon.

Maybe later, I shall watch some good movie. I dunno. Fight Club maybe? Or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Or Amelie since it's French Film week (or something like that). I really want to watch some vintage movies again. I want to watch Casablanca and My Fair Lady again, but I forgotten that I left them at my cousin's house!!! Shall go and get them back later.

OR I can watch Ayu-chan's concert DVDs again. Yeah, maybe I can do that. But for now, it's the nanny.

Well, have a great weekend, everyone. I am sure that you can have a better weekend than I do, but I sure do enjoy movies more nowadays. They calm me down.

Alright, good day and good bye.


p.s.: I have a penchant for jinxing my plans whenever I speak about it in the public or announcing it to the whole friggin world. Yes, I may not believe in gods or miracles, but I am a firm believer of jinx and luck. For one, I can be the luckiest and also the unluckiest person in the world. It depends. But jinx..... I have bad blood with jinx. I had so many jinx I can't even tell you how repulsed I am with jinx.

Anyway, I am writing this coz I have some exciting plans coming up this year but I don't want to jinx my plans again, so I've decided to not say anything about it. I mean, everything is planned and it's a sure-thing but still.... I cannot risk it. My lips are my own jinx, as well as my itchy fingers. Therefore, if you need to know anything, just want to tell you that if you have any travel plans in September that you would like to include me, just leave me out. That is all. Good bye.

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