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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

[ ..year by year.. ]

I have no fear of growing up. I have no fear of telling people how old I am. I think if I turn 40 today I will still proudly tell people that I am 40 years old. I will not fix the wrinkle, I will not inject nonsense into my face. I will let it sag like any normal old person will.

There is nothing to fear about growing old. To me, the only thing to fear about getting old, is realising you have achieve nothing that you set yourself when you were young.

That is why I do not set goals in my life. I do not have anything in mind that I would like to achieve. I live life daily  like a fish swimming in the sea. No goals, no destinations. Just doing what I do best. Just swim along the current. If there is a big fish to eat me, then just let it be.

I think I can live life a little happier like that.

No big car, no big house, no big ambition.

Just be myself. I will not allow myself to have any regrets, any fear in my old age.

You can call me a loser but I call that freedom of living.


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