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Friday, 23 April 2010

[ ..the pen starts writing.. ]

She opened her eyes in the darkness. The fan twirled slowly in anti-clockwise direction, keeping the air in the room circulated. The weather was cold and she ran her freezing fingers on her lips. She curled up in a fetus position, hugging her knees. She let out a brief sigh while the clock on the wall tick and tocks away in the stale room.

"It's too cold to fall asleep," she whispered to herself. She sat up right on her bed abruptly and exhaled a misty sigh.She reached to her study desk and took the book she had borrowed from the library two days ago. She flipped through the book until she reached a piece of small paper note, slit in between page 67 and 68. She pinched the paper up with the tips of her thumb and fore finger and then proceed to read the note.

"Dear, the girl with tall brunette pony tail and rainbow scrunchy, 
   I noticed you are in the literary section of the library a lot.
I noticed that you love this author's novels. 
   I noticed that you are left-handed, 
and you like to scratch your ears when you are writing. 
   I noticed that you never noticed me. 
That is why I am trying my luck in putting this note in this 
   book by this author,
in hope that you will actually pick this up and find this. 
   If not, I will be extremely embarrassed if other girl
(or guy!) finds this.

   For now, I hope you love this book as much as I do,
and goodbye. 
From, the guy with short and curly black hair."

She took this book out of the library two days ago. She found this piece of paper last night when she reach page 67.

This morning at school, she went to the library and tried to look for a guy in curly black hair, but she couldn't get the sight of him at all. She wanted to give him warning to stay away from her. 'Who is this guy?' she thought to herself, annoyed. She has been in and out of the library everyday to find solace, to find peace in a place that is most secluded and silent place in the entire school compound.

But now, she felt violated. She felt watched. She felt as if the only place she can be alone is ruined by this nameless guy with short and curly black hair. 'Who is he?'

Suddenly, her cat jumped on her bed and purred for attention. She scratched its chin and it reminds her of what he wrote.

'I noticed that you like to scratch your ears when you are writing' 

"Did I do that? I never noticed..." she said silently. She laid back on her bed and look at the twirling fan. Her cat slowly walked up to her, and circled a couple of times before resting its head on her arm.

She stared into the darkness and then slowly closed her eyes. Yet her mind is still bogged by this mysterious note and the guy who wrote it.

As she slowly falling into sleep, the first thought that came up to her mind was...

'I wonder how he looks like...'

(to be continued)

by suwa.

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