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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

[ ..laziness prevails.. ]

lazy. lazy lazy lazy lazy. so lazy.

Anyways.... I'm currently into Cardcaptor Sakura mood. Catching up with the 70 episodes now. I think I'm in second season now. Yeah, coz the opening song is 'Dreaming' now. ;)

Always and forever my favourite anime. It reminds me of being a 11 year-old. The best thing is that I really watched this when I was eleven, the same age as them. I grew up with the characters up to their second movie. Then, they stopped growing up and I did. Now, it seems weird for a 22 year-old to like this, but seriously... it is my first and favourite anime and I will cherish everything that it taught me in life.

I wish I can stop growing up, like them too. I wish I can stay eleven year-old forever. I wish time stopped when I turned eleven. I wish I can watch this every Saturday morning again. I wish things are not as complicated as it is right now. I wish I can be eleven year-old once again.

Let me live my life again when I was eleven. 


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