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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

[ ..it was those hot and sunny day.. ]

It is weird how the weather is always good when me and my family head to the hill and pay a visit to grandpa.

 This year was relatively quiet because we went back two weeks earlier for QingMing. 
We can never made it to the exact date coz it always falls on the weekdays.

 This was our this year's offerings to grandpa. (not included my brother's feet)

I bought a lot too but second sister topped me by buying this 'EMW' hahhahaa. 

 Both brother and me do not believe there is after-life or heaven/hell or there is even a god, but we enjoyed being there, burning incense, paper money and others. Because, after all we grew up with this tradition and inside our heart and mind, we still like to believe that grandpa is around enjoying his after life. Also, there is nothing better than to play with fire legitimately. Hahah

 But I still do not like the smell of incense soaked into my hair and clothing after a few hours there. 

 There you go, grandpa. 

 I hope you receive the stuff I bought you this year. And I hope you liked them. ^^

 It is almost like a tradition that every year after our visit to grandpa, we must go to the town's food court to grab some yummies. 

 Our favourite stall, but dunno why the amount of oysters deteriorated this year. how sad. 

 This place is just a hundred to two hundred meter from my high school. I remember how I walked here with my choir-mates after staying back at school for practices. 

 Those were the days. Where nothing matters except from our stupid jokes, gossips and sharing the same interests.

 How I wish those days will stay until now. 

But things changed. People changed. I guess, it's all for the better. For myself, I am indeed stronger than before. I don't get hurt easily anymore. I guess, it's all for the best.


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