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Friday, 25 March 2011

[ ..utmost truth.. ]

I want to talk about it because I'm awfully frustrated and angered right now but I can't because I maybe exaggerating it again in my head and maybe it's not such a big deal after all.

However, it pains me because I hate to be in this situation. I won't point of what kind of situation I am in right now because it is very sensitive and I really do not like it at all.

I am really really very frustrated with everything happening right now. I am tired. I don't have enough sleep because of it. I keep asking myself why am I doing this. Why am I doing this for other people who doesn't seem to care. I'm really really tired.

Sometimes, the selfishness of people pisses me off. I can never understand how some people only think about their own problems and not others. The world does not evolve around you. Everyone should know that. Don't dwell on minor problems. Don't create a storm out of a tea cup. There are far more important matters for us to address in this world.

Anyhow, I just have very little things to say right now. I feel extremely uninspired to even talk about it or find a solution for it because the person who is suppose to pay attention to it, doesn't even care anymore. So, why should I?

So, the lesson for today is: Be responsible for what you did, because nobody is going to be your worker and cleans everything up for you. Unless, well, if you pay tonnes for the person to do all the dirty work for you then yeah sure, you can do that. And yeahhh don't forget to claim all the credit to yourself too because the worker doesn't deserve any recognition.

Have a fine weekend, everyone.


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