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Saturday, 19 March 2011

[ ..there is something called.. ]


Do not use me, I repeat. DO not fucking use me for your own benefit. I'm not the person you want to toy around with. I am not the person who can be your slave INDIRECTLY.

I know how it feels to be used. I can recognise it. I can taste it. I can see it and I can smell it. You reek of 'I-AM-USING-YOU-FOR-MY OWN-Benefits cologne. I hate that smell.

No human likes to be used. Isn't that clear enough?

You come to my safety zone, then ask me to walk out of my safety zone, into the border of the war zone, just for your own benefit? Fuck you, I don't need that. I will stay in my safety zone for all I like and you cannot do anything about it.

Don't make me the sacrifice, alright? Go on and tell them what you feel, what you want, what you have in mind ON YOUR OWN. Don't come to me and tell me to do things for you, alright? I am not your worker or your slave or your helper or your voice. You are not God and I am not the Metatron. So, get over it. I am NOT working for you.

And I never said that I am a nice person. In fact, I could be the worse person you ever met in your lifetime. So, beware.

Suwickerwitch- the bitch.

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