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Monday, 21 March 2011

[ ..pre-trip anxiety.. ]

It always happen to me. I am suppose to go to Singapore in about six hours time. And here I am, still online. And haven't finish my article. And haven't packed. Haven't glue my shoe's sole. Haven't paint nails black (like, that's very important! =_=). It always happen to me. Can't sleep when I have big thing to attend tomorrow. EESH!

Every single time, I will spend the night before going to some where early in the morning, doing nonsense and delaying packing my bag because some how it is understandable that I will have to unpack it after three days.

Anyhoo, I am heading towards lovely Lion City for a trip to their Zoos. Yep, you heard me right. But this is going to be the first and the last time I will ever go to their zoos because I think it might cost me a kidney to get in there. So, I better enjoy this trip.


HEY GUYS. It's Suwa ze Panda!!! It's 4.39am now and I have to get to LCCT at  6am! Woohooo! I'd just finished my article on Sammi Cheng .... damn wtf I tell you. Why I take so long to finish it I dunno. OHH.. maybe because I busy watching Mr Bean with my brother. And and checking Thr5t facebook page and blog AS IF there are people who will comment at this hour!!! and snuggling my cat's tummy. 

Anyways, I'm going to take some rest now. Because I need to wake up at 5.30am so.....  good night and good bye till i see you again on Thursday!!! 

Sammit Cheng in concert, taken with my awesome possum camera.I EFFING LOVE MY CAMERA!!! (and my editing skills HAHAHA)

Okie dokes!!!!! Good night and goodbye! ;D OH, GOOD MORNING TOO. 8D

sleepy eyes,
Suwa ze Panda.

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