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Monday, 28 March 2011

[ ..pictorials of the ending of march.. ]

March is a up and down month. It stirs up the feeling inside me and makes me confuse about what's really happening.

But all was better after a well-deserved holiday to Singapore lately. However, I still cannot escape from the news reporting about the situation in Japan. But watching the news report in Singapore makes me realised how they did not exaggerate the situation but only keep telling people to help as much as they can.While the other countries are sensationalising the news and ours are even more crappy than others by doing useless stuff.

Anyhoo, I just hope things will turn to the better for Japan. It seems that their currency is still holding on well and their people are in good spirit even though they have lost more than 10,000 countrymen. They are really really holding on strong. That is why they gained so much admiration from everyone and other countries really should learn from them. Instead of talking nonsense and bringing out old news from sixty years ago.

Well, that is all the words I have for today. Enjoy these few pix I got from before heading towards, in and after Singapore. Hope you like them.

 #1 Shiro-kyun frolicking and playing with flies one Sunday afternoon. 
Can you spot the fly? 

 #2 Awesome penguin is awesome. He is the only penguin I saw that day swimming sideways and keep showing off to the camera.

 #3 Curious giraffes are curious. They are a couple by the way!

 #4 Caption not needed coz this is omfg-cute.

 #5 Mama Elephant and Babeh Elephant. 

 #6 Babeh so darn cute! 

 #7 Damn love this pic but if you ask me why I dunno. Maybe coz they looks like clovers.

 #8 Burning yearly gifts to Grandpa. Hope you like what I bought you this year!

Okie, that's all for today! Hope you like the pix! I took more than a thousand pix at Singapore. Dunno if I will ever use them all here! U_U But I LOVE to fill my blog with nice pix! (coz i'm very uninspired to write a lot lately)

Oh, there will be a post on Cheng Meng coming up. Took lots of pix this year. Just for fun. 
Okie dokes, that is all and have a nice Monday everyone. Have a great week, everyone! 


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