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Thursday, 17 March 2011

[ ..march on to the flyway.. ]

This is going to be a busy weekend for me. While putting my mind aside from the disaster in Japan, I realised that I have two long articles that I left behind and I cannot afford to skip these two until I come back from my Singapore trip.

Tomorrow, I am heading to Genting for work. Then coming back to Land of Mud on Saturday, then rushed for the article on the same day. Then send it to my editor as late as Sunday.

At first I planned to go to Port Dickson with my friend, just to relax for a bit. But it's not happening because of work. I can always say no to Genting assignment but I treasure the money more than my mental health wtf. Anyways, I'm working hard this month so I can get more money to donate to Japan next month. So, I don't want to miss out on any OTs at all.

Then Monday morning, I will be heading towards Singapore and be coming back on Wednesday. Then straight back to work on Thursday. Should I come back to work on Thursday? T_T I feel like taking a day off just to rest my back bone from the horrible seats of Air Asia. But I shouldn't complain coz it's just less than an hour ride. Haih. We'll see how.

I dunno. I've been trying to escape real life these few days by sleeping it off. It's to the point that I have multiple dreams one night and they are so surreal that when I wake up, I cannot differentiate whether it is a dream or real. My dreams dwell with my real life decisions and questions and communications with people around me too.

For instance, the night before I sleep, I decided to tell my colleague about plan A. Then, as I sleep, I dreamt that I told her about it. When I wake up, I thought I already told her about it. Until, when I arrived at work, I realised that she knew nothing about plan A. Then I found out that.... it never happened. It was just the dream! wtff

I DUNNO LAH! It might be because I watched Inception, Black Swan, then Perfect Blue and Paprika!!!! As much as I love psychological thrillers, they might be affecting my brain more than I imagine!

Sigh... My mind is playing a trick on me. But luckily I am still sane enough to know that.  It will be scary to become like Mima in Perfect Blue.

Anyways.... I hope everything will resume into normal after this dreadful week. For now, have a good evening and enjoy your Fried Egg.


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