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Monday, 14 March 2011

[ Japan ]

If you think that the situation in Japan has nothing to do with us, you have no idea how things are going to end.

It only seems to me that this is just the tips if the ice. Something is going on underneath and we have no idea at all.

In twitter, I'd seen oblivious people who would go on talking about money matters, or business stuff, or who will they be seeing tonight, or a new haircut, or how things are going on in their own lives, and they don't pay attention to Japan's situation at all. There are only a few who expressed their concern about Japan and really paid attention to what's going on there.

I know you will say that, by talking about it on twitter does not mean anything to Japan at all. But to me, at least we are spreading the concern to everyone and try to help them understand that this is not just about us being safe and sound, and them in such a horrible state.

What most people do not understand is that, the people on earth are the same people. Just because we are from different countries and we speak different language and we have different skin color, that does not differs us from being the tiny little humans on this earth.

I'm not speaking this way because I'd always been fond of Japan, but I'm speaking because if you stay oblivious this way and not even look at the footage they captured of Japan going through the horror, then you wouldn't be able to see how composed and calm they are. Or how they did not went hysteric after the quake or how they did not run around looting like other countries would. We can learn so much from this. And mostly, we can learn how little we are to be compared to mother nature.

I don't know what else to say. coz whatever I say is always wrong or wrongly perceived by people. And yeah yeah who am i to talk about japan. i feel as if everyone else can feel sad for japan but I cannot. like, 'who are you to feel sad about japan?".

But I still think that whatever happened in Japan is still tip of the ice. We should be prepared for the future. Evading the truth will not help. Evading will not help.

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