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Saturday, 26 February 2011

[ ..cat lake.. ]

The feeling of watching Black Swan can just be described as trapped in a beautiful antique box with limited air and trying your best to get out of it, and when you finally got out of it, you are free but... at what cost?

Did all the clawing and scratching and pushing from the interior of the perfect box really worth it? Does destroying the beautiful 'shell' really worth it? Do you really need to lose yourself in order to break out of the perfection? Do the mental and physical pain you went through from the struggle to be another, better person that everyone wants you to be, really really worth it?

Even after watching the movie, I can't answer those questions. I don't know how to answer those questions.

Perfect. Everyone wants to be perfect. Everyone thinks that they are perfect. Everyone thinks that others are not perfect. Everyone strive to be perfect. Everyone thrive to be perfect. Everyone wants everyone else to be perfect.

Really? Are there, such thing as perfect?

Have you realised how many times they mention the word 'perfect' in the film?

Why is perfection so hard to achieve? But then, why do we need to reach perfection? Why being perfect is important in life?

You know when was I most perfect? I personally think when I was a child. When I do not have to think about the world, or give any damn to it. I just drink my milk, pee in my diaper, got hold and hugged around by people, and being cute. To me, I was perfect when I was a child. At least, that's what the adult think.

They think a child is perfect. A work of perfection. Cute, pretty, earning to learn more about the world, never complains because they can't talk yet, even when a child cries they think it's adorable. A child is always perfect.

And the adults never want you to grow up. Neither do you. I don't want to grow up because everyone expects me to stay 'perfect'. But everyone knows, nobody is perfect in this world.

But it's the glimpse of hope that they want. They hope we can stay perfect.

The truth is... once we hit 12 years old, we are no longer perfect. We are no longer perfect. We are just... pieces of imperfections in the whole wide world.

But you know what? It's because we pieces of imperfection in this world that makes it important to stick together and combine our imperfections together... until we have a perfect, round  world.

All in all....We need imperfections to be perfect. But not one person in this world is perfect. Not one. But I can deal with it. Because I love my imperfections.

Good night.


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