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Sunday, 6 February 2011

[ ..broken.. ]

Back from Raintown for CNY.

Not the happiest cny. Bogged with so much troubles. Everyone hate my cat. Everyone hate me. I am never going back to Raintown next year.

I cannot understand why can't we ever go through CNY here in the Land of Mud. I'm tired of travelling so many hours back. And I'm tired of my sister's complains. I'm tired of my mom's bad habit in overpacking. I'm tired of my brother's grunts and complains towards my cat.

I've had enough. No more traveling in a car with you people.

My cat is so tired and stuffed in the car just now he is sleeping like a baby now. I feel so bad for him. He can barely breathe in the car. Was so afraid he could suffocate or something.

My waist and whole back bone is aching in pain now. My shoulders hurt. My fingers hurt. Cannot understand why every time we go back there have to go through so much pain.

And if you people don't know already, It's very clear that I love my cat more than any of them. At least my cat knows how I feel about things.

SO tired of everything. Just can't wait for tomorrow to come and I can stay put in my office chair again. That's where I can attain peace. Thanks.

Btw, looking forward to next weekend. Hopefully it's a better weekend than this. /Piff.

Have a good Sunday, everyone.

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